Medium and Large Mya Hookah Carrying Case

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Replacement hard carrying cases for Medium and Large Mya Saray Hookahs

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These MYA hard carrying cases are the perfect solution for safely storing and transporting your hookah. While these cases were designed for specific Mya hookah models, they will work with similarly sized hookahs as well. Please refer to the guide below to find out which case will work for you.

Please note: These hard carrying cases are designed for smaller modern hookahs and hookahs with removable downstems. As such, most single piece Egyptian hookahs such as Nammors, Khalil Mamoons, and our Classic Egyptian hookahs will not fit in these cases. For those larger hookahs we recommend a nice padded carrying bag.

Mya Small Hookah Case:

This mya case is designed for the Mya Montopolis and Mya Vortex hookahs but will also fit a variety of other hookahs. The maximum stem length that this case will fit is 12" long by 2.5" wide. The maximum base size that this case will fit is 10" tall by 6" wide.

Mya Clamshell Case:

Mya Clamshell cases are designed to accomodate hookahs with a maximum stem length of 14 inches and a maximum stem width of 3 inches. They will also fit a base with a maximum height of 14 inches and a maximum width of 6 inches.

Mya Medium Hookah Case:

These larger sized cases are specifically designed to fit the Mya Paragon and Mya Dionysus hookahs but will also fit many other Mya hookahs. This case will fit a stem with a maximum length of 13.5" and a maximum width of 3.5". This case can also accomodate your hookah base so long as it has a maximum height of 9" and a maximum width of 7.5".

Mya Large Hookah Case:

This large hookah case was originally designed for the Mya Gyro hookah but it will fit many other hookahs. This case can accomodate hookahs with a stem that measures 16.5" long by 3" wide maximum. It will also fit a base with maximum dimensions of 11" tall by 6.5" wide.

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