Minzari Crown Hookah Bowl

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Minzari Crown hookah bowl

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Hookah-Shisha Bowl Buying Guide

Introducing the Minzari Crown hookah bowl, the finest all-in-one hookah bowl available. No longer will you have to use foil, hole punchers, windcovers... Everything you need is built into this uniquely designed hookah bowl that smokes like a dream.

How It Works

The Minzari Crown features a threaded stem which the hookah tray is attached to. If you want to increase heat, such as when your coals begin to die down, merely spin the tray so that it threads up closer to the bowl. The Minzari Crown hookah bowl is designed to generate low, steady heat, vaporizing your shisha as opposed to burning it, like with traditional foil bowls. In a nut shell, the Minzari Crown generates the smoothest draws with the best taste possible.

The Minzari bowl comes with an included cover with a distinctive crown top that acts as a handle. Start off by removing excess juice from your shisha, this ensures no mess through out your session. After that, cover the bowl. This ensures that all the shisha's flavor is locked in. There is no need for foil, and the Minzari's crown lid works as a wind shield. The Minzari Crown will make your coals last twice as long, with a ventilated coal tray.

When your coals are ready, place them in the built-in tray and slowly screw the tray upwards towards your bowl. Heat management is a snap: need more heat? Spin it a little closer. Too hot? Spin it back down a little. As the coals die out, you are able to keep placing them closer to the bowl which results in maximum coal longevity. Also, since the tray heats the shisha from the bottom (heat goes up), this is the most effective way to heat your shisha tobacco.

Features Of The Minzari Crown Bowl

The interior of the Minzari Crown bowl is lined with small holes, allowing optimal air flow from the coals. The raised center spire is similar to a phunnel bowl, allowing juices to stay in the bowl and keeps flavor locked in. (Try to avoid over filling the bowl or getting shisha inside the spire).

The coal tray has large cutouts, allowing airflow which keeps your coals burning hot. The attached handle can get hot so we recommend using hookah tongs to spin it. The attached handle can also be used as a cleaning tool, for the lined holes inside the bowl.

The Minzari Crown is machined in the US and made from high quality stainless steel. This is not a cheap Chinese product, it is going to stand the time and features precise craftsmanship. From the moment you open the beautifully designed box the overall quality and superiority of this Minzari hookah bowl is obvious.

Included with the Minzari Crown bowl:

  • Uniquely designed stainless steel hookah bowl
  • Specially threaded steel stem
  • Ventilated steel tray w/ handle
  • Attractive crown handled lid
  • Stylish, luxury style storage box
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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Minzari Crown Hookah Bowl is 100 of 100 based on 2 Reviews
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"Epic Flavor"
Andrew Scholten on Tuesday, November 03, 2015 9:25:31 PM

This bowl takes some time to get the hang of, but when you do it's the best bowl ever - Every shisha I've used in has had a much better flavor than other bowls because of its great heat distribution - The one downside is that you need a dryish shisha or the excess juice will drip onto your coals - I used paper towel to soak up excess juice before packing - Although the bowl is expensive you will save money because you can go many more rounds of coals while still maintaining a great flavor - I'm a daily hookah smoker and have managed a few hookah lounges so when I say this is the best, you can trust it - I would not recommend this for newer smokers or occasional smokers - This is for the every day hardcore smokers like me - "Hookah isn't just something I do, it's my way of life"

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"Good, but perhaps not worth the price"
Matt on Thursday, March 12, 2015 4:00:15 PM

My buddy and I have been smoking this bowl for a couple of days now, and over all I like it - We've been using it with Tangiers Noir including Kashmir Peach, Blue Flower and Cane Mint, and are heating it with natural coconut coals - After a few hiccups with the heat management we have it smoking smooth and even - A few notes: CONS 1 Beware! It is easier to burn yourself with this one than with other bowls - The small handle used to raise and lower the coal tray puts your hand close to the bowl's hot metal pieces - Also, unlike other bowls that can be removed by hand when they are done, this one is too hot to touch - Use a hot-mitt or something similar - 2 There is extra setup and cleanup work for this bowl - The instructions say to remove some of the moisture from the tobacco - For Tangiers, at least, this is good advice - The holes in the bottom of the bowl will leak molasses directly onto the coals if the tobacco is too wet which can lead to a smoky, smelly mess - Once the bowl is done, you need to clean it out thoroughly - Don't let it sit and assume you can just do it later - I find that a stiff brass brush and a tooth pick are needed to keep it well clean - 3 This is an expensive bowl - I normally end up breaking a bowl or two in the course of a year, so perhaps in the long run it will be a good buy, but as it stands I'm not sure it is worth the hefty price tag - PROS 1 This bowl smokes well and it is easy to manage the heat once you get used to it - You are very unlikely to burn your tobacco - Very smooth and full flavor from my favorite tobacco - 2 I find myself using fewer coals than I do with my Kaloud Lotus - Also, you get more out of your coals as you can move them closer to the bowl as they start to burn down - 3 This bowl uses less tobacco than many other bowls and the sessions are still rather long - I regularly get 90 to 120 min out of my bowls - Overall, this is a good bowl - There are other options that smoke about as well, but by the time you buy a glass bowl and a Kaloud Lotus you will still pay a comparable price - It will take you time to figure out the heat management; this system behaves very differently from traditional methods - Once you get it down, however, it should treat you well -

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