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Pharaoh`s Queen B (1 Hose) Glass Hookah

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Configure: Pharaoh's Queen B (1 Hose) Glass Hookah

19.5 inch all glass hookah with glass on glass connections.

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Ghost Silicone Hose w/ Glass Handle 
Kaloud Lotus Plus Heat Management System 
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Pharaoh's Queen B Glass Hookah Description

The Queen Bee represents the best of the bunch, the cream of the crop. All of Pharaoh's new glass hookahs are pretty cool (especially the Glacier with it's chilled hookah shaft) but the Queen B may actually be the bee's knees. 

The Pharaoh's Queen B is a 19.5" tall all glass hookah with glass on glass connections. The down-stem is built into the hookah base, ending in a massive honeycomb diffuser that spans the entire diameter of the base. In other words, we're talking some really smooth draws here. 

Glass on glass connection points

The Queen B by Pharaohs features all glass on glass connections, meaning that every part ends in a frosted glass tip which grips its counterpart without the need for a grommet. Eliminating grommets reduces the amount of parts that can wear out, creates perfect, airtight seals. and results in the overall best performance with the lowest amount of maintenance. 

The Queen B hookah shaft features an over sized chamber which helps cool the smoke and allows you to see the smoke entering the base, which is fun to watch. The elegant glass tray attaches to the shaft, and the vortex style bowl rests on that. The sectional design of the Queen B and easy connections makes taking apart and storing this hookah a snap. All the parts fit in the included case which is lined with form fitted dense foam, ensuring safe travel and storage. 

The hub of the Queen B hookah has two ports which can accommodate either one hose and a purge valve (included) or two hoses for a 2-hose hookah configuration. The silicone hose has a glass handle but the hose tip is metal. The Pharaoh's Ghost hookah hose has a metal hose tip but it will work with this hookah. 

Included with the Pharaohs Queen B Hookah:

  • Silicon hose with glass handle and metal tip
  • All glass hookah base with built in down-stem and diffuser
  • Glass vortex style hookah bowl
  • All glass hookah tray
  • Glass purge valve with glass BB
  • Glass hookah stem with oversized "bubble"
  • Foam lined carrying case with fitted cutouts
  • Foil pack
  • Tongs

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to order this product

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"4 out of 5, good smoke but too light"
Justin Canaday on Tuesday, May 03, 2016 1:30:18 PM

This hookah is decent, produces monster clouds once you get the hang of using it - An amazing case but the precut slots for pieces are slightly off - The bowl it comes with is very crappy so please buy a new one or have one custom made - It's also very light so the weight of the hose can easily tip it over - Fill line is about 3/4 inch on top of defuser for best smoke - Flavor is amazing and it's the easiest to clean hookah I've found - The base can be tricky to clean if you allow shisha to fall inside of the hookah - As for durability I give this hookah a 1 our of 5 - If you're tough on your hookah this isn't the one for you - Learn to be careful with this hookah and clean it well - With bigger bowl a kaloud lotus - - - You will not find a better smoke - Perfect for a travel hookah

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