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Regal Queen Pharaoh (1 hose) Hookah

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30 inch Wooden Regal Queen Hookah with "Pharaoh" base

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Regal Queen Pharaoh Hookah:
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Note: We are temporarily out of stock of Black Nammor Hoses. All hookahs pictured with these hoses will be upgraded to Black Wrapped Nammor Hoses for the time being.

Regal Queen Pharaoh Hookah Description

The Regal Queen Stems are one of the most unique hookahs shafts on the market. These hookahs combine reclaimed wood, surgical grade stainless steel, and anodized aluminum into a classical piece of art. Each stem is handcrafted and the wood receives a double coated finish, which allows for a smooth and bold finished product. With the use of beetle-kill pine wood every Regal hookah pipe offers beautiful grains and texture, and not a single tree is cut down to make them. The Regal Queen hookahs are available in an elegant redwood finish or a classic pine; if you can't pick one, our best suggestion is to go with both.     

You could stare at the stem all day because it's that amazing, but you're going to need a glass hookah base if you really want to get the party started. The Sahara Smoke Pharaoh glass bases paired with Regal Queens, may be one of the sexiest combos we have seen come across the table. The Pharaoh glass bases blend key color tones of caramel and chocolate brown into a spiral design that flows throughout the base. Pairing this with the Redwood or Pine Regal Queens, makes this hookah one heck of a head turner.  

We want to make sure that you are smoking on day one, so we have a plethora of freebies joining your Regal Queen Hookah pipe. The setup today comes with a Black Vortex bowl, designed to be a shisha saver, requiring only 10-15 grams of the tobacco of your choice. You will also receive a black Nammor hose to match everything else on the hookah, and these happen to be one of the most comfortable hoses on the market. The black nammor hose measures at 72" so feel free to pass it around, or just relax in a solo session knowing that you won't tip your hookah over by moving your hose. These classic leather hoses are completely washable and restore a like new smoke with every rinse. The mouth tip is removable allowing you to interchange new accessories like the Mystique Hookah ice hose tip, creating a nice chilling smoke with each draw. 

Premium Grade Metal Construction

If we want our hookahs to last through the tests of time, they need to be built from the best materials available. The Regal Queen shafts skipped on the cheap aluminum, and went straight to anodized aluminum. This premium grade metal offers benefits that hookah enthusiasts need out of a hookah. The anodization process makes the hookah corrosion resistant, so you'll never worry about rust or any loss of color.   

The anodized elements of the Regal Queen shaft are machined here in the US, and they are all uniform with no weld marks. The hookah community gravitates to the Regal stems because of their unique wood finishes, but they also offer one of the smoothest inhales out of any hookahs available. The purge chamber and hose port are all machined inside of the central hub, fitted with a wide purge valve makes clearing the base an effortless task.

To ensure an air-tight seal at all connection points we are also including a number of rubber grommets so you can ensure a perfect smoking experience straight out of the box. Don't forget about all of the awesome freebie items listed below either!

Included Free With This Hookah

  • 50g Boxes of shisha  
  • Hookah Coals
  • Foil Pack
  • Cleaning Brush
Note: These reclaimed wood stems may be slightly different in shade, grain, and color than those pictured. Additionally, the glass bases are hand-painted, and the designs may differ slightly.

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