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Q Hookah Mod 24

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Configure: Q Hookah Mod 24 (1 hose) Hookah

23 inch Q Mod 24 Glass on Glass Hookah

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Q Hookah Mod 24 Description 

The Q Hookah Mod 24 received a lot of praise and attention at the recent 2015 Tobacco Plus Convention, and we couldn't be happier to add it to our list of luxury glass hookahs. This glass and aluminum combo measures in at 23 inches tall, with three metal legs allowing it to rest easily on any flat surface. 

Glass and Aluminum Components

Once you touch the Q Mod 24, you'll know that this is a hookah built to last. Q hookahs bring together the incredible strength of anodized aluminum and use only the highest quality glass. The use of anodized aluminum gives you a hookah that is immune to rust and corrosion, while also offering scratch and heat resistant qualities. All of the glass hookahs from Q Hookahs are designed and manufactured here in the US. The designs come from highly skilled glass artists, and each hookah goes through a quality assurance test to provide you a hookah free from any errors. 

Triple Leg Support and Diffuser Features 

One look at the Q Mod 24 is all it takes to realize that this is one of the most creative glass hookahs on the market. Using the same solid anodized aluminum for the body and downstem, Q hookahs created a solid foundation to house and support your hookah by making a triple leg support system. The leg support features a thick gauged hollow infrastructure, which allows this hookah to be very sturdy and light at the same time. The hollow compartment can be used as a hose holder when your not smoking, or for display purposes. The legs are removable if needed, so you can reach any area when it comes time to clean up your hookah.

 Looking past the legs you'll notice the anodized aluminum downstem is fitted with a built-in diffuser. The multiple drilled holes towards the bottom of the downstem allow for a relaxing and silent inhale, creating clouds to fill up any room. The diffuser is installed a little bit higher than most stems, so remember to always fill your water about 1" past the diffuser. This allows for the perfect dispersion of smoke without getting any water into the hose ports. 

Included Components 

The Q Hookah Mod 24 comes standard with an all glass bowl and a matching hose. Even the bowl itself stands out in comparison to other bowls on the market because of the extended mid section and subtle curves to the outer rim. It is designed to work like a glass phunnel bowl, featuring a single air channel in the center and a rounded interior to catch any juices from your shisha. The bowl has a nice snug fit atop of the anodized aluminum downstem, and with the proper grommet you can enjoy a session from any bowl on the market or in your collection. 

Q hookahs come with all the bells and whistles. Each hookah is accompanied with a highly washable black silicone hose, with an aluminum mouth tip and hose port. The connection of the hose to the hookah is a aluminum on aluminum connection, so you can achieve thunder clouds easily without any leaks. 

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