Anahi Artistry Glass Hookah

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18" Tall Anahi Artistry Glass Hookah

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Anahi Artistry Glass Hookah Description

The Anahi Artistry Glass Hookah shows a design unseen to the hookah world. This all glass hookah changes the perception on where we think the bowl should be on our hookahs. With its glass 5mm thick this glass hookah isn't as dainty as cheaper models on the market - still, treat it with care. All connecting points on the Anahi Artistry are glass-on-glass, creating an air-tight seal that allows for no leaks and provides great pulls every time. This hookah can work as a single or double hose hookah, the purge valve can take a second hose and its auto-seal valve means the second smoker won't have to plug the hose tip when the first smoker takes a pull.

Horizontal Downstem

The Artistry contains a new feature that you won't find in many hookahs currently on the market. The glass downstem portion of the hookah is configured around a solid fused glass connection with 2 connecting channels. One of the channels rests right below the coal tray; this solid glass support connection creates a very stable foundation for this glass hookah to sit atop any flat surface. At the base of the hookah you'll find second connection location, this area allows for smooth smoke to pass through the finely tuned horizontal downstem with built-in diffuser. The diffuser helps increase the smoothness of each and every pull, as well as creating a whisper quiet smoke session by dampening the rumble noise of the hookah.

Artistry Accessories

The Artistry comes accompanied with everything you need to get smoking except shisha and hookah coals, but we can help you in that department as well! Out of the box you'll find an all glass phunnel bowl that has a glass-on-glass connection, giving you the tightest seal possible and incredible airflow. The Artistry Glass Hookah also comes with an ash tray. You will also receive a 6 foot long washable silicone hookah hose with a comfortable 11 inch all glass mouth tip. This medical grade, highly durable silicone hookah hose makes it so that you will never have to deal with ghosting shisha flavors again. One quick rinse and you're good to go.

Anahi Artistry's Ash Tray

It is crucial to remember that the tray you get with this hookah is an ASH tray, not a coal tray. Being made of glass the tray is not designed to withstand the heat of burning coals. Use it to ash your coals only. If you place lit coals on this tray it will crack and shatter, ruining the mood of your laid back smoke session. Be smart, pick up one of the hookah charcoal holders we offer so you always have something to hold and transport your extra lit coals.

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