Anahi Symphony Glass Hookah

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19" Tall Anahi Symphony Glass Hookah

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Anahi Symphony Description

The Anahi Symphony doesn't make music, but it draws quite a few head turns once you get it rumbling. This all glass hookah stands 19" tall and contains many slopes and curves, all connected with a glass-on-glass fitting which provide a super tight seal and smooth airflow. The center orb allows for the connection of the hose port and purge valve, a second hose can be added on be simply removing the purge valve. The wide-bore glass downstem with built in diffuser combined with the wide flare base and the center orb gives you good enough flow and enough room to build up some thick smoke for serious thunderclouds. 

Anahi Symphony Glass Hookah Accessories

Of course you will want to have this Symphony up and running straight out of the box, and Anahi helps you achieve this with some useful accessories. The included hose measures 6 feet long with an 11 inch glass mouth tip, is completely washable, and is made from heavy duty medical grade silicone. This washable material does not hold onto flavors, so enjoy the next session as much as the last with an easy rinse. Staying on the path of clean smoke, the included glass phunnel bowl prevents juice from getting into your base and stem, preventing messes and keeping your shisha juicy for longer lasting flavor!

Symphony's Ash Tray

This glass hookah also comes included with an ash tray. It is important to note that this is an ASH tray, and not a coal tray. Being made of glass this tray is not built to handle the heat of burning hookah coals, and it will crack and shatter if you keep lit coals on it for too long. Don't ruin the mood of a nice, chill smoke session! Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the hookah charcoal holders we carry, so you'll always have somewhere to put your extra lit coals.

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