Anahi Majesty Glass Hookah

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20" Tall Anahi Majesty Glass Hookah Available in Blue & Black

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Anahi Majesty Glass Hookah Package Includes:

  • 5mm glass thickness
  • 18mm fittings
  • Two hose compatibility
  • Height: 20"
  • Built in purge valve
  • Colored Glass middle section
  • 6 foot Anahi medical grade silicone hose with 11' handle

Anahi Majesty Description

Beautiful center piece or monster cloud producer? Either way this is the Anahi Majesty Glass Hookah, and we must obey the high ranking wishes and smoke it. The Majesty hookah stands at 20 inches tall with all glass-on-glass connections that creates an air-tight seal. The midsection contains beautiful blue or black glass, giving you a stunning visual as your smoke passes through the chamber. The use of glass allows you to enjoy a clean session, with pure flavor flowing through to you. The wide-bore glass downstem, combined with a built-in diffuser in the downstem, makes each and every pull incredibly smooth and each smoke session super quiet.

Anahi Majesty Glass Hookah Accessories

The Majesty glass hookah comes equipped with everything you'll need to get started with your first smoke session. Anahi knows how messy some smoke sessions can be, so your included bowl is a all glass phunnel style bowl. This design prevents shisha juices from leaking into you stem and base, and it comes fitted with a large glass ash tray. Adding on to this package of freebies, you'll find a washable 6 foot long silicone hose featuring an 11 inch glass mouth tip. With the use of this medical grade, high quality silicone hookah hose you'll never have to worry about your hose being haunted by ghosting shisha flavors; every flavor gets flushed away with a simple rinse.

Majesty's Ash Tray

A very important thing to know about the Anahi Majesty Glass Hookah is that its coal tray is not really a coal tray. Being made of glass, this tray cannot withstand the heat of burning hookah charcoals - hence why it is an ASH tray and not a coal tray. If you place lit coals on the tray, it will crack and shatter. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the hookah charcoal holders we offer so you'll always have a place to keep extra burning coals.

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"Amazing and Surprising"
Christopher Regnier on Monday, May 25, 2015 3:41:54 PM

My brother and I were in the market for a new hookah - So we did a lot of research - Reddit, forums, reviews, trusted advisorsyou name it, we exhausted the resource - But there was nothing out there about Anahi - Aside from a logo contest online and a listing that said they ship from a suburb outside of Los Angeles, all I had to go on was a picture and the fact that this site sold their brand - This hookah in blue was pretty - So against my better instinct, I bought it - This hookah is flawless - Well worth the price and more - The construction is clever and easy to assemble / disassemble - The connections are seamless - The glass is stunning and sturdy - Seriously, this hookah has the best design, the best draw, and the best surprise I could have hoped for - The only thing I didn't see in the package is a glass bowl cover to eliminate using foil - Everything else came securely bubble wrapped and faster than expected - TL;DR: Buy this hookah - Be amazed -

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