Anahi Gypsy Glass Hookah

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19" Tall Anahi Gypsy Glass Hookah

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Anahi Gypsy Glass Hookah Package Includes:

  • 5mm glass thickness
  • 18mm fittings
  • Two hose compatibility
  • Height: 19"
  • Built in purge valve
  • 6 foot Anahi medical grade silicone hose with 11'' handle

Anahi Gypsy Description

The Anahi Gypsy entirely glass hookah feeds the visual appetite of many hookah enthusiasts with its beautiful sandblasted midsections. The Gypsy also contains an all-glass ashtray that doubles as visual for any type of hookah art, like fruits, colored liquid, or art hookah beads. This glass hookah stands at 19" tall and features two frosted orbs and a clear midsection that encases a wide bore glass downstem. The downstem of each Anahi Gypsy Glass Hookah contains a diffuser, which helps increase the ease and smoothness of every pull. Each of the connection points on the Anahi Gypsy are glass-on-glass connections, creating an incredibly tight seal and ensuring a solid draw with each inhale.

Anahi Gypsy Glass Hookah Accessories

Anahi glass hookahs come with all the bells and whistle necessary to get your hookah session started. The Gypsy comes with multiple accessories right out of the box, including a glass hookah bowl, a glass charcoal screen, and a washable hose. The all glass hookah bowl contains a glass-on-glass fitting with a phunnel bowl design, this prevents any juice from leaking onto your downstem. Gypsy hookahs have an included silicone hose that is completely washable so you never have to worry about ghosting flavors in your hose. The hose is 6 feet long with an 11 inch glass mouth tip, so you can share it with friends if they're nice!

All ASH, No Coal

One really important thing to know about the Anahi Gypsy Glass Hookah is that it's made of glass - granted it is a very solid 5mm thick. It is very important that you do not put burning coals on the ASH tray! The glass ash tray is designed to hold ash, and burning coals will cause it to break and shatter! If you need something to hold your new coals, we carry a number of charcoal holders that will serve you well. Do yourself a favor, don't put coals on the glass ash tray.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product

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