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Anahi Fantasy Glass Hookah

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24" Tall Anahi Fantasy Glass Hookah Available in Blue & Black

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Anahi Fantasy Description

The Anahi Fantasy Glass Hookah stands tall among the Anahi glass collection at 24 in tall. With the slender midsection and wide-bore glass downstem, this hookah is designed to make fantasies come true. The downstem features a built in diffuser; that, combined with the wide-bore, means that each and every pull will be ultra smooth. The diffuser will also make each smoke session incredibly quiet, by dampening the rumble noise. Every connection point on the Fantasy is glass-on-glass, ensuring a super tight seal that produces continuous flow and full flavor smoke with no air leaks. 

Anahi Fantasy Glass Hookah Accessories 

The Fantasy Glass Hookah comes with each accessory you'll need to get started with your first smoke session. Each Fantasy hookah comes included with a glass phunnel bowl that prevents any juice from leaking into the downstem. The collected juice also helps keep the shisha moist, giving the bowl a longer flavor life. Along with the bowl will come a glass ash tray that sports a dark blue rim. Once you get your session started you'll find that the included washable 6 foot long silicone hose creates a smooth draw all the way to the 11 inch glass mouth tip. This highly durable, medical grade silicone hookah hose doesn't retain ghosting shisha flavors, rinse it out and it's good to go!

Fantasy's Ash Tray

Please note that this an ASH tray, and not a coal tray. Being made of glass, the ash tray on the Anahi Fantasy Glass Hookah is not built to withstand the heat of burning hookah coals. Placing lit hookah charcoals on this tray will cause it to crack and shatter, which is not ideal during a chill smoke session. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the hookah charcoal holders we carry so you will always have something to store your extra burning coals in.

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"Best Hookah I've Ever Owned"
Matthew Sly on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 10:14:55 PM

I purchased this hookah and have smoked it weekly for about 10 months - Unlike other pipes it is ALL glass so no corrosion, rusting, bad seals, leaky hoses, etc, - It is very clean smoking with a fantastic design - Cleaning is easy with a long brush glass cleaner works great on it - I would absolutely recommend this to any experienced smoker, as the glass is fragile and may break easily if dropped - Not to mention the customer service from their website is unmatched - Highly recommended!

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"Amazing Product"
Cameron Marrs on Sunday, March 19, 2017 11:03:47 PM

This is an amazing product so far - Smokes like a champ - I think I like the Coco nara coals better than the Coco Brico products so far - The coals burn faster than what I'm used to but gives me a great smoke and doesn't really taste harsh - I ordered a super pack of 3 Al Fakher in Grenadine, Mango, and Blueberry - My favorite is the Blueberry for flavor but Grenadine gives me the best buzz - Smoke could be a little more thick but I just don't think I have the packing down quite right yet - I ordered a Kaloud lotus and 3 other flavors from ebay so hopefully they come in soon - But this hookah is elegant and is easy to set up and easy to clean and gives you a way better smoke than the standard $150 hookahs with grommets - I highly recommend this product - Just be careful with the glass - it's fragile -

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"All glass all the way!"
Eric Almeida on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 9:54:50 PM

This was the first all-glass hookah I've purchased, and I'll never buy another that isn't - PROS: -Easy to clean; a quick hot water rinse almost always does the trick -No nasty build up in the stem or anywhere like other hookahs -Clean, amazing smoke; just a quick rinse will remove the lingering flavor of harsher flavors -Tempered & fairly thick glass, the base especially has withstood a couple of scary dings CONS: -Not great to have around rowdy dogs, cats or kids -Limited availability of parts for when they do break, it's glass obviously -Trying to get a deep clean can be annoying because the angles make it difficult to brush the inside -The glass bowl is pretty, smokes well, but is damn hard to clean, easy to break and therefore kinda garbage I bought this in October 2015 and it's still amazing - My sister broke the coal tray about 6 months ago, but ordered a new one from here and it's good as new - Just had to replace the downstem last week because the wife scrubbed the bulb too hard, but replaced that too with no issue - TIPS: -Buy yourself an extra hose or two, since it's the most likely to break - Unfortunately you have to go direct through the Anahi site, but they're not that pricey -Don't use too much soap when cleaning, as it can be hard to completely rinse out -Get a Kaloud Lotus - I've broken 4 Anahi bowls either trying to clean they're awkward or dinging them I've recommended these to every smoker I know - You'll never want to smoke out of anything else again - I just bought the Odyssey too and am loving it too!

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Alda on Monday, September 21, 2015 11:19:53 PM

best product you could buy! i mean an all glass hookah in general - this one is exceptional because it comes with so few parts - so easy to clean! very smooth which gets rid of the metallic-ish taste with traditional hookahs - owned it for 5 months now and still looks new - one of the best part is you can see your water very clearly which prompts you to change it!!

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