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Anahi Chubby Glass Hookah

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17" Tall Anahi Chubby Glass Hookah

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Anahi Chubby Glass Hookah Package Includes:

  • 5mm glass thickness
  • 18mm fittings
  • Two hose compatibility
  • Height: 17"
  • Built in purge valve
  • Colored Glass middle section
  • 6 foot Anahi medical grade silicone hose with 11' handle

Anahi Chubby Description

The Anahi Chubby Glass Hookah pipe is one of the smaller all-glass hookahs from Anahi, and it has curves in all the right places. This hookah stands 17" tall, and the solid circular glass base it provides for a sturdy set-up during every smoke session. No worries about wobbling or moving around during the session. The wide-bore glass downstem combined with the double teardrop glass body provide enough space to produce massive clouds. And each connection features a glass-on-glass fitting that is super tight, so there are no air leaks and each pull is super smooth. Additionally, this glass hookah comes with a diffuser built into the downstem making each pull incredibly smooth, and each smoke session as loud as a butterfly's wings flapping.

Anahi Chubby Glass Hookah Accessories

The Anahi Chubby Glass Hookah comes with all the accessories you could need to get you going right out of the box! Included with this glass hookah you will receive an all-glass phunnel bowl and a large solid glass ash tray. These phunnel bowls prevent juice from ever entering the glass downstem, or clogging your airflow, and the clean up process couldn't be any simpler. Once you're ready to smoke you'll find the 6 foot long silicone hose to be very useful, along with an 11 inch glass mouth tip. The silicone hose is completely washable, meaning you'll never have to deal with old flavors lingering and ruining your next session.

Anahi Chubby ASH Tray

It is very important that when using your new Anahi Chubby Glass Hookah, you DO NOT put burning coals in the ash tray. The ash tray is made of glass, and is not designed to withstand the heat of burning coals - this tray is so you can get ash off your already burning coals. Placing burning coals on the ash tray will cause it to break and shatter. Check out the hookah charcoal holders we carry so you always have a place to put your lit coals.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product

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Emolman on Sunday, December 18, 2016 6:40:12 PM

This hookah is amazing! This is my first glass hookah and I must say, I've been missing out! It has a nice, heavy base, beautiful design and makes clean, fluffy clouds- the glass mouthpiece really tops it off well - - - economical, great design, pulls beautifully- I love it! <3

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"Great Glass Shisha"
Max Hunter on Friday, December 11, 2015 8:54:33 AM

This is a great hookah if you are looking for a traditional type of smoking - I personally enjoy having a little pressure once I am taking a hit - Anahi is different from other glass hookah, because it has traditional style of smoking, but unique futuristic style -

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