Anahi Odyssey Glass Hookah

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13" Odyssey glass hookah from Anahi

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Anahi Odyssey Hookah Description 

The Anahi Odyssey is a cylindrical tank style all-glass hookah standing 13" tall, with multiple hose ports. Anahi brings some color to this glass hookah with the use of bold blue accent finishes. This hookah features 4 support legs, creating - without a doubt - the sturdiest foundation of any hookah around. You'll find that each connection point of  the Odyssey is fitted with a glass-on-glass connection, ensuring the tightest seal possible for every inhale you take. This hookah allows for up to three hoses to be used during your smoking session, making it perfect for solo smoke sessions or for sharing with friends!

Anahi Odyssey Glass Hookah Accessories 

Of course you'll want to smoke out of this tank the moment it arrives, and Anahi glass hookahs come with all the accessories necessary to help you achieve that goal. Out of the box you'll receive an all-glass phunnel style hookah bowl with a bold blue center spire. The hose included with this hookah measures at 6 feet long, and is made from a highly durable and completely washable silicone material. At the top of the included hose you'll find an 11 inch glass mouth tip that makes for a comfortable grip while you pull all the clouds your heart desires!

Anahi's Glass ASH Tray

One incredibly important thing to know about this Anahi Odyssey Glass hookah, and any hookah that features a glass tray, is that these trays are NOT designed to hold burning coals. The tray on the Anahi Odyssey hookah is good to use to ash your coals (to tap burning coals on in order to knock off ashes), but DO NOT place any burning coals on this tray or risk it breaking. This not only will destroy the glass tray, it will also run the risk of sending glass flying - not ideal for a relaxed smoke session. Do yourself a favor and pick up one of the hookah charcoal holders we offer, so you always have something to hold and transport your extra burning coals.

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"My fish tank hookah"
Nathaniel Rice on Saturday, July 1, 2017 6:31:23 PM

Loved this hookah for the past year and half - Got it for my birthday and was very pleased - Smokes fantstic and with the stock hose it smokes nice - While I love the hookah here are some critical thinking about the design - - I have replaced the downstem 3 times - Its to thin and should be thicker throughout - - the included broke after a year and stop working very well due to only one side having holes on the phunnel part and not all the way around - - my first hose broke about 6 months in and I just replaced the top of it with an aluminum one - The hose also come cramped pretty bad - I also bought another hose it was cramped as well - It works out over time - - you have to get creative when cleaning but buying some wire brushes from harbor freight and bending them up does the job - While I'm critical,i love this hookah very much - Its my bubbling fish tank and enjoy it a lot - Thanks to hookah-shisha for helping me out on the downstem when they were running out -

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"Love at first sight"
Eric Almeida on Tuesday, February 28, 2017 10:57:09 PM

This is the second Anahi hookah I've bought, and I'll probably never buy another brand again - I've had the Fantasy for over a year and it's still going strong - First impressions: Much bigger than I expected, and definitely feels more unwieldy than the Fantasy - There are more parts the stoppers + carbs but being so big and modular now that I've been smoking it for a bit I'm over the moon with it - It takes a lot of water, but the extra weight + low center of gravity makes me less uneasy about it falling - You can't beat how easy the all-glass is to clean and maintain - I HIGHLY RECOMMEND: -Get a Kaloud bowl, because I've broken 4 Anahi bowls since I bought the Fantasy - They smoke really well but are a pain to clean and much more fragile than the rest of the parts - -Buy at least one more hose from the Anahi site, because they are glass and likely to break eventually - - - Also, this is definitely the kind of hookah that's perfect for multiple hoses because the base is pretty huge - This hookah is fairly large, and if you're more of a solo smoker might not be your best bet - The aesthetic is nice, but I'd go with the Fantasy if you don't plan on sharing it too often!

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"Awesome on all levels"
Nathan Wall on Friday, April 8, 2016 3:19:44 PM

I've been smoking for 3 years now, and have had my eye on this hookah for a while - It's great to have been looking forward to this for so long, and still be blown away by how great it is - It's very well packaged for shipping with each part individually wrapped in bubble wrap - The craftsmanship in this hookah is outstanding, it's very well made - That being said, there will be small "flaws" here and there, but it's the unique factor of owning something hand made - The bowl is big, and holds plenty of sheesh - Our first session lasted 3 hours - 3 coals to start, 2 coals to refresh - The glass on glass grommetless seals are incredible - No twisting or grinding for a tight seal - It makes removing even a hot bowl very simple and safe - The ash try is not intended for hot coals, which is a little disappointing, have a back up plan ready for shifting coals - I love the built in diffuser, and seeing the base 1/2 and 1/2 with water and smoke is very cool - Smokes great with 1, 2, or 3 people - A warning though, 2 hoses on the same side can easily become a tipping hazard ESPECIALLY with silicone hoses - Speaking of, the hose that comes with this is also glass on both ends - Drop in and smoke, it's great - Mya grommets work well for any other hose - I really don't have any critiques aside from the ash tray - This is a great hookah, and is worth every penny -

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"Glass Odyssey Hookah"
Janell Owens on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 4:18:43 PM

This hookah gives great clouds! Very clean and modern looking - Buy glass cleaner to keep t clean - I broke the glass tray within a week of having it - Just placed a coal on it and it cracked - Also broke the glass bowl the second time I loaded it - You have to be so extremely careful - Great as a party hookah or solo hookah!

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