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Natural Orange Lemonwood Hookah Coals

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1 kg bag of natural Orangewood & Lemonwood coals More details...

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These natural orange and lemonwood hookah coals are made from reclaimed wood of orange and lemon trees. Each kilogram bag will give you enough red hot coal for approximately 25-30 bowls of your favorite hookah flavor. Each piece is natural charcoal still in its natural wood form, so the pieces are irregular in shape.  Larger pieces may need to be broken down to get the right size for your bowl. Heat them using a charcoal heater or almost any regular range or stove for about 5 minutes. When they turn ashy white they are ready use.  The light wispy ash is totally normal, but you can reduce ashes flying around the room with the use of a wind cover.  It keeps wind out and ash in!

Unlike some other hookah charcoals, these coals will not leave your tobacco with an ashy or smokey taste.  They have no odor, especially compared to the smell that is sometimes produced by quick-light coals. Try a bowl of your favorite shisha using natural orange-lemonwood coals and you'll enjoy better flavor guaranteed!

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"Takes forever to get a hookah going!"
Stephanie Bergersen on Friday, May 22, 2015 2:42:34 AM

I have been smoking hookah for almost 10 years, I even helped open a hookah bar here in Illinois and converted them from quicklight to coco nara, so I am not a novice - I bought these cause I thought, hell why not - - - and it was a HUGE mistake - My shisha tastes vaguely like the flavor it's supposed to with a huge "campfire" aftertaste - I tried breaking them up, same thing - I am using them with a funnel bowl and a lotus - I even tried it with just tin foil - But it seemed by the time I thought I had enough to heat it up, it would just go out - I would do exactly what the label said, let them burn on a burner for about 5 mins and then put them in - I wish I could get a refund! On a slightly good note, once I actually got the hookah going, it did produce large then average clouds - Perfect if you like the taste of Blueberry Muffin Fumari and Campfire - Even my boyfriend asked why the kitchen smelled like a campfire - Next time, maybe I'll try putting them in a broiler, and see if that helps any - if so, I'll update - -Adela

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