Shika Oxidize Syria Mini Beast Hookah 2017

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Configure: Shika Oxidize Sorya Mini Beast (1 hose) Hookah

18.5 inch genuine Shika Oxidize Syria Mini Beast Hookah pipe

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Shika Mini Oxide Sorya (Syria) Beast 

It's mini, oxidized, and it's a Beast. This new arrival from Shika Hookahs stands out on our racks because of the beautiful oxidation, hand etched details. The model was originally known as the Sorya beast and now it has moved on to take the title from the roots that inspired this hookah, Syria. The Mini Oxide Syria Beast stands at 18" tall, with enough cloud output to claim the title of Beast worthy. These handmade hookahs arrive to us from Egypt, where they are crafted from solid brass and have to pass a quality assessment test before reaching the states. 

Oxidization Process and Materials 

The Shika hookahs are created from all high quality Brass materials, this choice of metal creates a hookah stem that can last through the tests of time. Brass metals carry beneficial properties that hookah connoisseurs need in their hookah, this is a non-corrosive material so it will never falter from the heavy use that it will receive. The copper downstem is easy to clean, so you should expect to experience nothing but pure flavor from each session without the worry of a ghosted flavor in your stem. 

The Oxide Mini Beast gains the title Oxide after going through a closely observed Oxidization process. This procedure combines acidic elements and oxygen that are applied to the Brass exterior, after the lighting crackles and the operation table rises, we are left with an array of dark polished tones. We don't recommend using any tarnish removers or metal polish on these parts, they will naturally change color throughout the life of your hookah.

Included Mini Oxide Sorya Beast Accessories

This hookah may be on the small side, but the included pieces are on the large scale. We will setup you up with some included shisha, and you should have no problem packing it into the included Oblivion bowl. This is a phunnel style bowl that prevents any excess shisha juice from ever getting into the stem or base, eliminating the hassle of  a full clean in between each session. Accompanying your Mini Beast will be a large Shika Typhoon hose, this hose features a removable mouth tip for the use of any hose accessories. If your smoking a strong flavor profile shisha on the first bowl, we know you won't want the after taste of it in your second session. Luckily this hose is completely washable and can be used for all of your smoke sessions, all it takes is a quick rinse in between bowls to restore the glory back in the hose.


* 2 50g boxes of premium shisha flavors
* Your Choice Of Hookah Coals
* Foil pack
* Tongs
* Cleaning brush

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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