Shika Drogo Hookah 2017

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27" Shika Drogo solid brass hookah

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Shika Drogo Hookah Description

The Shika Drogo Hookah has crashed landed into our warehouse from Egypt, and surprisingly there was no long ponytail, body paint, or eye shadow. This valiant warrior of a hookah measures 27" tall, with immaculate detail shown throughout the entire shaft. Designed and handcrafted in Egypt, the Drogo hookah received its detail from some of the top Hookah artists in the industry. The lengthy job required to created each hookah shaft uses only high quality brass materials, and it must pass a full quality control test in order to ship over the narrows sea. 

Drogo Hookah Stem Design 

The Drogo Hookah stem features a high level of design work, making it hard to pull your eyes away from the exquisite warriors shaft. The midsection area, which is probably what you're still gazing at, displays two solid brass angels expertly fused to a center orb. Each hookah takes approximately one month to complete, this allows you to have a unique and solid setup without a single loss of detail. The Drogo stem is capped off at the bottom with a superb central hub, this area features 2 hand etched Shika logos inside a dual ridge section. The beautiful exterior of the Drogo hookah won't change the way you smoke, but it is well deserved of some serious bragging rights and social media likes.

Warrior's Character - How It Smokes

When it comes down to getting your smoke session started, this valiant warrior performs well above some of the competition. The Drogo shaft contains a wide bore copper downstem, this creates a very open inhale without any restriction. Since this hookah stem uses copper as its primary material, you need not worry about your hookah being affected by rust or corrosion. The copper is also extremely hygienic in comparison to other commonly used metals, copper is naturally antimicrobial and will kill around 99.9% of bacteria such as MRSA and E. coli. Also, your copper downstem will not retain those powerful flavor profiles from the stronger shisha flavors you've been smoking; one quick rinse and you'll be good to go!

The wide open downstem isn't the only feature giving you a effortless pull, the Drogo stem offers a wide open purge and hose port. This fine tuned port can allow for the use of any hose with the proper grommet, without the hassle of restriction you can pull off room filling clouds with ease.

Included Shika Drogo Accessories  

Drogo can't go to war without the help of some friends, and Shika doesn't let this hookah leave without equipping with a couple of friends. Out of the box you will receive a mammoth sized Egyptian/Turkish style Shika Typhoon hookah hose, this features a removable mouth tip and it is fully washable. Never again will you need to dedicate one hose to sweet flavors, one hose to mint flavors, etc.; one quick rinse and your hose will be rid of all those ghosting flavors.

Go ahead and fire up some double apple for your first bowl without having to dedicate a special hose for it, and between sessions a quick rinse is all you will need in order to achieve a un-ghosted smoke. While smoking your first bowl out of the Drogo, it shouldn't take long to realize the benefits of the included Oblivion Phunnel Hookah Bowl from Shika. The large phunnel design bowl contains a single air channel spire, this helps prevent any shisha juices from ever entering your stem or base. 

Free With This Hookah:
- Washable Shika Typhoon hookah hose
- Oblivion Phunnel Hookah Bowl
- Coal tray
- One 50g box of premium shisha tobacco
- One box of natural hookah charcoals
- Electroplated Shika Tongs 

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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