Shika Tyrion Hookah

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22.5" Shika Tyrion brass hookah

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Shika Tyrion Hookah Description

The Shika Tyrion Hookah may be a dwarf in your collection or any family battle scenario (Game of Thrones), but we all know the story of small packages right? Well this brilliant golden hookah stem stands at 22.5" tall, and definitely contains large offering to you the smoker. The Tyrion hookah was born in Cairo, Egypt, yet we keep hearing about some house of Lannister, we'll check our sources. The highly involved building process takes more than a week to finish, and Shika maintains the use of high quality Brass for all their Hookahs. Only offering the best product possible, this half man setup can't even leave the warehouse without receiving a full assessment inspection, because who wants flaws in their hookah. 

Do you even Tyrion?

The Tyrion Hookah from Shika contains all the fine hand worked details that we've come to expect from these expert craftsmen. The midsection on this hookah features flawless detail starting off at the fine sloped portion, nested beneath the coal tray. Let's pause right here and take a look at the superb solid Brass ash tray fitted on this hookah. This is easily one of the heaviest trays we've ever had in our hands and once again just look at it! Ok back to the midsection, after the sloped section you'll see a precise 3-level tiered mid section, this all funnels down into a phenomenal central hub. What lies inside of this detailed central hub, helps to create a effortless smoke session with an unrestricted draw. 

The Shika Tyrion contains a wide bore downstem, that pairs like a dream with the open hose ports. We would hate to have an amazing flavor trapped behind restriction, and making it seem like you're inhaling through a straw. This area problems is nothing to worry about when you're smoking out of your Tyrion, the smokes travels easily into the included jumbo base without the need for a pucker face. The upward positioned hose port is wide enough to be fitted with any style of hose, and funnels out to an open port on the underside of the hub. 

Shika Hookahs Brass Quality 

We love that the Shika Hookahs use solid Brass for all of their setups, primarily for the beneficial properties for you, the hookah smoker. This type of metal receives no damage for any type of rust or corrosion, so this the hookah setup you want if you're looking to add something with longevity to your collection. We all love a clean smoke and when you use Brass in the world of hookah, you're working with a material that is extremely hygienic. So go ahead and easily achieve back to back full flavor smoke sessions, but wait won't you need some other components besides the hookah? 

The Tyrion Comes With Friends

So we spent some time talking about the glorious detail of this hookah stem, but what happens when it's time to smoke from it? You may need some additional pieces and the Shika family has you all set to smoke with a included hose and bowl. The large premium Egyptian style Shika Typhoon hookah hose features a removeable mouth tip, so you can add any of your favorite hose accessories to give it a custom feel. After smoking on a bowl with a strong flavor profile, feel free to use the hose on your next bowl because this hose is fully washable. A quick rinse in between your bowls restores the glory inside the hose, allowing you  smoke countless full flavored sessions. 

When It comes down to smoking, we've add some free for you to pick out that can loaded into the included Shika Oblivion Phunnel Hookah Bowl. We love that this phunnel bowl keeps our smoking setups clean with the raised single channel spire, preventing any excess juices from entering the stem and base.

Free With This Hookah:
- Washable Shika Typhoon hookah hose
- Oblivion Phunnel Hookah Bowl
- Coal tray
- One 50g box of premium shisha tobacco
- One box of natural hookah charcoals
- Electroplated Shika Tongs  

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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