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Zizo Shika Hookah

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Configure: Shika Zizo (1 hose) Hookah

26.5" Shika Zizo solid brass hookah

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Shika Zizo Package Includes

  • Shika Zizo 26.5" tall brass hookah
  • Shika Oblivion phunnel bowl
  • Shika Typhoon washable hookah hose
  • Shika gold engraved tray
  • Shika jumbo glass base
  • Shika stainless steel tongs
  • Shika Grommets

Shika Zizo Hookah Description

Say hello to the Zizo hookah from Shika, one of the sexiest hookah pipes you are likely to set your gaze upon today. The Shika Zizo is a full brass, 100% handmade Egyptian hookah that features some of the most eye-popping hand engraving you've ever seen. From the tray, all the way down to the bulb on the end of the downstem, nearly every square inch of this hookah has been transformed by intricate hand engraved details.

Here's Why The Zizo Hookah Rocks

The Zizo is approximately 26.5" tall and since it is cast from solid brass, this sucker is heavy and sturdy as can be. If you are in the market for a hookah that will last you an entire lifetime, this is for you. If you've ever been disappointed with Egyptian hookahs with hollow, lightweight stems, you will love the Zizo. All you need to do is hold it in your hands one time to know that this thing is solid as can be.

The gold colored stem features intricate engravings and has a beautiful violin shaped accent just above the heart. The tray might look normal from a distance but as you get closer and closer the level of detail becomes more and more apparent. Frankly, we were blown away that anyone would spend so much time engraving a hookah tray and it really shows Shika's dedication to making the best smoking, and best looking, hookah pipes in the world.

The downstem is wide open and offers an amazing pull. The included Jumbo glass base has plenty of room for smoke, so you will be surrounded by puffy, white clouds in no time. The hose adapter is designed for a perfect seal and the purge valve works flawlessly.

Free With This Hookah:
- One 50g box of premium shisha
- One box of natural or quicklight hookah charcoals
- Cleaning brush
- Foil Pack

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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