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Dead Zombie Nakhla Shisha Mix

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Minty, Zingy, Zangy and More - This mix is so unique you just can't stop smoking it!

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Nakhla Dead Zombie Staff Mix

Ready for your head to spin like the Zombies of the coming apocalypse? Dead Zombie is a spicy, zingy, minty mix that combines mint, cinnamon and the spiced punch of two apples (apple flavor enhanced with anise or licorice). We like this mix in layers, so the flavor morphs as you smoke it, just like that zombie bite that slowly changes your body into an instrument of destruction.

All jokes aside, when this mix is created using the unwashed tobacco from Nakhla, you can expect a heavy buzz to go along with all that flavor. We like to mix this blend in layers, by making a bed of cinnamon on the bottom, two apples in the middle and top it off with mint.

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