Sahara Smoke Pandora (1 hose) Hookah

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Sahara Smoke Hookahs - 15 inch tall Pandora Model

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Sahara Smoke Pandora Description 

Are we ready to smoke out on a camping trip outdoors or in hotel room? Of course you don't want to lug around a massive hookah, and I'm sure most of your friends will shake their heads if they have to sit next a jumbo shaft. Well allow us to introduce you to our friend from Sahara Smoke, the Pandora hookah standing at 15 inches tall. This little tike makes travelling a breeze, and the clouds come with ease.

Pandora Shaft Features  

Sahara Smoke utilizes a polished stainless steel exterior, to give this little hookah a classic feel and look. The shiny exterior can be clean very easily, plus it will never stain or rust, so you can show off this mini setup later on in your hookah life. This silver exterior shell houses a slim downstem that utilizes machine precision, to ensure a smooth draw with every inhale. 

Even the smallest of base will need to be purged from time to time, and the fine tuned purge valve makes this task that much easier. With the purge valve at a vertical position, it only takes a single breath to create enough space for some more tasty clouds. Since the Pandora has a small base, you won't be purging that much smoke into the air, so leave it on your desk and enjoy the clouds without bothering your co-workers. 

Packing Up the Pandora 

You friends are now calling you down to the car, because you need to be on the road in 10 minutes, but you don't have a hookah ready. What do you do? Grab the travel hookah and break it down, and you can tell your friends to hold on because this won't take long. The Pandora can be broken down completely for an ease in travel or storage, the only thing that you can't break down is the base, unless you drop it (Sahara Smoke sells extra bases if you do). 

All of the connection points throughout this tiny hookah have threaded joints, and with the precise craftsmanship every connection has tight connection to prevent any air leaks. The downstem and bowl ports can be completely separated leaving you with a mid section and a base, pretty simple right? You can toss it in a hookah carrying bag, and be on your way, trust us your friends will be happy for that last minute pack. 

Included Pandora Accessories 

Sahara Smoke doesn't let you walk out the door without the proper accessories, so before you pack everything up make sure to grab the included Sahara Vortex bowl and a washable silicone hose of course. Since we have the bright blue and lime green action going on with the base, it's only right to have a bowl that matches. The Sahara Vortex bowl contains multiple air channels for you to achieve a fully cooked bowl, and it won't require too much tobacco(10-12 grams) , so consider this a shisha saver. You can enjoy these session with the blue leather hose, that comes equipped with a comfortable wooden handle and metal mouth tip.     


  • 2 50g boxes of Shisha 
  • 16 pieces of natural coconut coals
  • Foil pack
  • Tongs
  • Cleaning brush
  • Carrying Bag

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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