Pharaoh`s Crystal Glow-in-the-dark Egyptian Bowl

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Crystal Glow-in-the-dark Egyptian Style bowl from Pharaoh's

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Pharaoh's Glow In The Dark Egyptian Bowl  

Hey now who's ready to get the party started? The Glow in the dark egyptian bowl from Pharaoh's is guaranteed to get some attention once the lights go off, there aren't that many accessories that have this feature but we are hoping to see more in the future. Just think about bringing a glowing bowl out for a night smoke or at a hookah lounge, they look amazing in daylight but we know the fun begins when the sun goes down. Pharaoh's crystal bowls use a very thick glass to insure durability across any situation, and each bowl contains a different color pattern so no two bowls are alike. 

Enough about the glow in the dark features, let's talk about the specifications on this bowl. The Pharaoh's crystal bowl stands at almost 4 inches tall (3.8in), which is enough height to show off the brilliant glowing feature. If you don't want to cover the glowing side with tin foil. then the Kaloud Lotus will be your best option. This glowing bowl has a diameter of 3 inches, which is enough to cater to the lotus size requirements, or 2-3 natural hookah coals. Since this bowl carries the same styling as the traditional Egyptian bowl, you'll find ease with your tobacco loading across many brands. Using a fluff pack method up to the outer rim, and giving the shisha a slight pat down, will create the session that you crave. These bowls have a medium size gauge opening on the underside, and can be use with any type of hookah setup with a proper grommet, we recommend the mod bowl grommet

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Victoria Riley on Sunday, February 04, 2018 1:37:01 AM

This head is beautiful - I just got it in today so I’m not sure how it’s supposed to glow yet but even if it doesn’t I ain’t even mad cause it’s just so beautiful - I got the black and white and it’s perfect -

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Juliette on Thursday, December 21, 2017 10:23:19 PM

It is amazing i love it -

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