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Regal Prince (1 Hose) Hookah Shaft Nutwood - Redwood - Pine

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Configure: Regal Prince (1 Hose) Hookah Shaft

22" Regal Prince Hookah crafted from beetle-kill pine and surgical grade stainless steel. Available in multiple wood finishes.

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Regal Prince Hookah Stem

  • Hand lathed wood design
  • Stainless steel downstem
  • Wide gauge downstem for open draw
  • Height: 22"
  • Available in multiple finishes
Big things come in small packages right? The saying comes through crystal clear with this new model from Regal Hookahs. The Regal Prince does not produce any sort of purple rain, but it can create a storm of clean monster clouds.

Following in the footsteps of the previous Regal models, the Prince uses high quality wood and a high grade stainless steel to create one phenomenal hookah. This stem model allows you to create your own unique configuration with an array of hookah bases, hoses, and bowls. This might be a small hookah standing at 22" but we have some fact about it that we think you'll enjoy, so let's dive in.

Premium Wood Finish

The Regal hookah collection is primarily known for their use of high quality wood, with multiple choices of wood stains. If you're thinking to yourself, what about the trees, don't worry Regal would never harm the environment, so they use reclaimed wood from trees that have already fallen. They use a beetle-kill pine to create these amazing bodies around the downstem, that features a brilliant detail of wood grain making each hookah stem unique.

The Regal stems receive a double coat of sealant after the stain is applied, guaranteeing that you have a lifetime of robust color and quality. This exotic wooden exterior requires no maintenance through its life, and the only task you'll need to worry about is spot cleaning.

Regal Metal Components

Of course this hookah isn't completely made from wood, this hookah shaft also contains a great amount of high grade metal materials. Regal uses an anodized aluminum for the solid black exterior, that will never be affected by rust or corrosion. This matte black metal is precision cut by computerized metal lathes machines, resulting in a smooth finish with some amazing slopes and curves.

The anodized metal will never fade in color, and can handle the typical bumps and dings that happen from use and movement. Keeping an eye out for the environment once again, this anodize process produces no hazardous waste, leaving you with a eco-friendly hookah.

Let The Prince Rumble

A gauge that sets itself apart from the rest, all Regal hookahs contain a clean high grade stainless steel with a wide opening, capable of creating room clearing clouds. This high quality stainless material contains no weld marks or seam lines, and using a standard stem brush you can have this downstem clean in a breeze.

The open downstem takes a lot of restriction out of your session, leaving you with easily attainable clouds with full flavor. You can equip this stem with any style of bowl, and reap the benefits of smoking with a wide gauge downstem.

How To Turn This Hookah Stem Into A Custom Regal Hookah

Your new Regal Prince hookah stem is likely compatible with a wide array of bases, bowls, and hoses that you already own, but if you want a guaranteed good fit we recommend adding a compatible base, hose, and bowl from the drop down menus above when you make your purchase. We have tested the fit of all of the components listed and guarantee a good fit.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product
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"Beautiful Hookah"
Jonathan Bole on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 10:32:08 PM

This hookah arrived packed exceedingly well, and the hookah itself is of great quality and craftsmanship - Really a nice piece, and coupled with the Pharaoh Nile base it looks very handsome - So far I've only been able to smoke it once with a group of 6 friends, but it smoked very very nicely -

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