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Smartfunl Hookah Tobacco Dispenser

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SmartFunl by Hookatec designed for shisha storage and dispensing.

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Hookatec Smartfunl Shisha Dispenser

  • Easily holds up to 300g of shisha tobacco
  • Dispenses your tobacco directly into your bowl
  • Can pre-mix different flavors
  • Keeps your hands clean!
From the makers of the ShishaVac and the Blazn' Burner, comes their newest creation the Smartfunl. This easy to use device, will store and mix your shisha, as well as dispense the shisha into a bowl when it's time to smoke. If you like to keep your hands clean when it comes to making a bowl, this maybe your new best friend. Using the Smartfunl storage features doesn't limit you to one flavor, go ahead and toss you favorite combinations inside the chamber. This handheld device measures at 7" wide, and it can easily hold up to 300 grams of any style of shisha tobacco.

Crank Out The Mixes

The Smarfunl uses a single handle to control the internal mechanisms, with a clockwise and counterclockwise motion to change the function of the device. Before you dispense any shisha into your bowl, turn the handle counterclockwise a few times to really mix up the tobacco. Once you're all mixed up, place the opening above your bowl and turn the handle clockwise to dispense however much shisha you desire in your bowl. You won't have to worry about dropping this as you dispense, because the ergonomic adjustable strap will keep this locked in your hand.

Smartfunl Features

Making things easy for you, the Smartfunl contains several features that make this device useful and easy to use. When you want to clean out or load the interior compartment, there are 2 latch locks that can be unhooked to open the interior. This process is about as simple as it gets, and these locks will keep the Smartfunl closed until you want it reopened. You won't have to worry about your shisha drying out, thanks to the included dispenser plug that prevents any shisha from escaping the storage compartment. If you want to use shisha that contains extra juice, the rubber seal along the interior prevents any messy leaks.

The underside of the Smartfunl contains a snap-on flat handle to adjust any shisha inside a loaded bowl, your hands should be spotless at the end of this loading process. Once you're finished loading a bowl, you can toss this in your cabinet or use the built-in stand to keep it in a upright position.

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Shaun on Saturday, April 11, 2020 11:31:01 AM

I had this for maybe 4 weeks before the plastic gears started to break off and now it's completely unusable -

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"Clean hands for the win"
Nichol O on Thursday, May 16, 2019 11:29:41 AM

This is both the most unnecessary product and amazing product I've purchased for the hookah so far - You can obviously pack a bowl without it BUT clean hands and less wasted shisha - yes! Its a fun toy that makes more people offer to pack the bowl

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"A want not a need"
Stephen Schultz on Monday, January 9, 2017 8:05:25 PM

This product is a pretty nice touch mainly for showing off if anything - I put a full 300 grams worth of shisha in it as to its full capacity but I recommend only 200 at most or else the juice will tend to seep through and to remember the blender is only plastic and will feel like you may break it if theres too much in it - It does mix and dispense better than I expected and theres hardly any mess - A great product if you tend to stick with a mix of your own or one flavor that you use regularly - I still like to mix and cut my own shisha but its definitely a nice accessory to have!

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