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Pharaoh`s Drakon (1 Hose) Hookah

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Configure: Pharaoh's Drakon (1 Hose) Hookah

11 inch Drakon Hookah with glass dragon diffuser from Pharaoh's hookah pipes.

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Pharaoh's Drakon Glass Hookah

  • All glass hookah design
  • Height: 11"
  • Included glass phunnel bowl
  • Included washable silicone hose with glass handle
There's an ancient story from our hookah ancestors that has never been told before, until now. Long before anyone of us were ever thought of, there was a period of time that involved large mythical creatures and spiritual wizards. One of the most interesting artists from this time period went by the name of Pharaoh, and if you really knew him then you would refer to him as "The artist formally known as P". He was playing with glass well before anyone else, this was viewed as his paintbrush and later on it became his legacy. Now before we get into the rest of his story let's give you some info about this hookah, it has a DRAGON inside and stands at 11" tall.

Components Of The Drakon

OK there's more than just a dragon to talk about, but once again for the people in the back, there is a DRAGON inside this hookah. If you take a close look at the ribs of the dragon, you'll notice multiple vertical slits that act as finely tuned diffusers. These air channels are at different heights across the dragon, and you can adjust the water level to control the restriction in your session. The Drakon hookah can also utilize two hoses with a quick removal of the existing purge valve, so you and your friends can surround the dragon in a thick amount of smoke. If you have to travel anywhere and you don't want to leave your dragon behind, you're in luck because the Drakon hookah comes with an included carrying case. This unique briefcase style case displays beautiful hieroglyphics across the exterior, and the interior contains pre-cut molds to prevent any movements or cracks.

This dragon can't be awesome by itself, so with your Drakon hookah you'll receive some useful accessories. The 78" long included hose features a frosted glass tip for a tight glass on glass connection, and at the opposite end there is a snakeskin style glass handle. This reptilian like hose doesn't need to be dedicated to a single flavor because it's created with the use of medical grade silicone, and with a quick rinse you'll achieve nothing but crisp flavors. The colored glass phunnel bowl will keep your dragon clean, thanks to the phunnel design of the bowl that prevents any excess juice from entering the base. If glass bowls aren't your favorite style, then feel free to use any bowl from your collection with the appropriate grommet.

You can continue reading to find out the almost real story about the creation of this glass hookah below.

The Drakon Era of 1135

As Pharaoh grew up in a civilization of people constantly defending themselves from dragons, he began to wonder if there was a way to harness their raw power. There were several attempts made to capture these elusive dragons, and some warriors even tried to tame them to keep as pets. During this period no one knew how to deal with these beasts, that was until young Pharaoh thought of a bold idea involving the magic of spiritual wizards and glass. Everyone laughed as they looked at the size of these monstrous dragons, compared to the small glass jar that the youthful P had created.

After several years of trying to find a wizard that would offer his magic, elder Pharaoh crafted a tubular glass jar and began on a journey through the Sacred Forest of Drakon. He was accompanied by a high level wizard who was well known in the village for being able to tell what was real magic, and his title was "Magic or Pass". As the two entered the forest they were instantly greeted by two large vicious dragons, one of the dragons had black scales with yellow markings, while the other displayed a blue tone with yellow scales. At this moment elder Pharaoh raised his glass above his head, and Magic or Pass cast a spell that pulled this 2 story dragon into the glass jar. After seeing how quickly his counterpart was handled, the second dragon took off into the forest but it was too late. Pharaoh grabbed his second glass jar and his wizardly partner cast another spell that reached the dashing dragon, and he met the same fate as his dragon brethren.

Utilizing The Raw Power Of A Drakon

The two valiant warriors returned to their home village with the two glass jars, and they told the brave tale of what they went through in the Drakon forrest. It took some time for everyone to really understand what Elder Pharaoh had accomplished, and at this moment hope was restored in their hometown. The new duo created an army with the skills that they used in the forest, and set out on a dragon capture spree to rid the area of all deadly threats.

It took over 100 years to complete this process, and by this time Elder Pharaoh had already entered the afterlife but his name spread across the world. After every dragon was captured, the glass jars were placed in a secret location with the hopes of never being found or released. Many centuries passed and people began to forget this era of time until the year of 2015, when another man named Pharaoh was on vacation and felt the energy radiating from a remote area.

After many days of exploration, a hidden cave was uncovered that contained a room full of glass jars with dragons inside and thick dust on their exteriors. By this time the dragons had become one with the glass, and displayed brilliant colors from the scales to their wings. The new Pharaoh knew that the hookah world needed a new change within the glass design, and sought out a way to use the fiery spirit from within these dragons.

The Story Of The Two Pharaohs

After the completion of this hookah, Pharaoh met with his family members to show off his latest creation. Once he placed the crystal clear hookah on the table, you could hear cries of fear from his Grandparents as if they had encountered this dragon outside of the glass. At this moment fearful questions began to pour out from his elders, they were worried that Pharaoh tampered with something that should've been locked away. He informed them how he felt the energy that led him to the secret location, and the process of emptying out the whole cave.

The Elder members began to panic as they told Pharaoh about the blood connection he has with "the artist formally known as P", and how some powers may have been passed on to him. There was no worries about the dragons being used as a hookah, except for a very important piece of information. If these hookahs ever break, the dragons will be released into the world and it will be the rebirth of the Drakon era. So we encourage you to try this hookah out, but please be careful when you handle it because there are not to many wizards around to help with the moment.

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"Military Veteran glass vs metal"
Andre Fieschel on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 6:18:50 PM

I am a combat veteran formally in the military and I remember my first hookah in Iraq - It was pretty cool and definitely different - When I came back home, the craze started booming here along with CHAI tea… - yuck!!!! With that said, I have always had the traditional Egyptian hookahs in various sizes but they were metal - Personally the problem that I have with these is that over time, the metal becomes old and rusts or oxidizes - You really can’t see into the tube but you can definitely taste it - I found out about glass hookahs and decided to do some research - After a bunch of research, I decided to purchase the “Drakon” because it looked really cool - It also has an integrated air diffuser, being the slits on the dragon’s body sculpture inside of hookah itself - I have used the Drakon quite a bit and not only does it produce beautiful clouds but it is a clean taste and best of all, cleanup is wonderful - When considering the glass or regular hookahs, think/associate it with what you know - I associate it with using a metal baking sheet vs a glass or pyrex baking dish - Metal ones over time get rusty, warped, and a PITA to clean as you hafta scrub with brillo or scouring pads - The glass and pyrex can be used over and over and clean pretty easily - This is my opinion and I will most definitely be purchasing some of the glass ones in the future just for kicks and as conversation pieces - I am still wondering how I am going to effectively clean the Drakon without being able to reach the parts to wipe off on the inside -

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"Drakon Review"
itsmelong on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 4:55:26 PM

This is by far the best hookah setup I've had - The only downside is that there is no tray for ash, but form over function - With it's design, it has an automatic diffuser, meaning that it's super quiet and adds to the smoking experience - The glass on glass connections reminds me of high school chemistry/naval engineering laboratory sampling - Really tight and form fitting connections - The vase itself is really sturdy, so the hose doesn't affect it very much when moved around - Best part is, after a two hour session and two sets of coals I still have fresh tobacco half way down the bowl - This thing really saves on shisha #shishalivesmatter Pharaoh hit the nail on the head with this setup -

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"A great hookah with a Killer design"
Mike Delong on Wednesday, December 2, 2015 10:49:56 AM

So today I wanted to write a short text review of the Pharaoh's Drakon All Glass Hookah - I received my hookah about a month ago and so far it has blown my expectations away - This All Glass Hookah is both beautiful and works wonderfully - Let's talk about the draw strength first - Disclaimer: This is my first all glass hookah, but the draw is so easy that at first I didn't like it lol - Once I got used to it, it is such a calming experience - The Draw on both the included glass hose and with a Nammor hose with Mystique Ice tip was absolutely perfect - Cleanup is simple, and every bowl I tried on it smoked perfectly - I tried Starbuzz Shisha, Social Smoke, and Fumari Shisha on it - The only complaint I have about this hookah is the hot swapable Purge valve - Not that this is a bad design, it's very convenient that you can pull the purge out very simply and plug in another hose, but for someone who is used to using bearings in hose adapters to eliminate the need to plug hoses inbetween turns, not having a simple or cheap fix for this is annoying - I have found adapters made by Pharaoh on amazon, but they are going to cost me about $16 a piece - I will report back once I have received them Edit: they work quite nicely, although one of them I bought the glass bearing was too small and got stuck, they replaced no questions asked - All in all I love this hookah - I don't know that I will feel the need to purchase another traditional hookah after this - The benefits of the All Glass style, extra stability, and beautiful design makes me think this Hookah will be with me for years to come -

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