Sahara Smoke Persian (1 Hose) Hookah

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29 inch Persian Hookah from Sahara Smoke

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Sahara Smoke Persian Hookah 

Once again, Sahara Smoke delivers an outstanding hookah with an array of twisted stainless steel joints, and a large unique base to match. The Persian hookah model stands at 29" tall (bowl included), this hookah will arrive with a included washable hookah hose and a Sahara Smoke branded Vortex bowl. This style of hookah is a staple design from Sahara Smoke, and it allows for an ease in replacements and upgrades to your hookah for a lifetime of enjoyment. 

The Persian Breakdown  

Despite the overall size of the Persian stem, this hookah is fairly easy to travel with thanks to the overall design of the Sahara hookah stems. Starting at the top of the bowl port and working your way down, each segment has the ability to be completely broken down. This includes the downstem, hose & purge ports, and the central hub area. So travel in style with a brilliant gold setup, and if you don't have the right carrying compartment, check out our Hookah carrying bags. 

Creating A Persian Cloud Storm   

In order to achieve maximum cloud output without the headache, you'll need two things: a wide gauge downstem and an open internal hose port. Sahara understood this clear as day, so they have equipped all of their large hookahs with a superior wide open gauge, something they refer to as "Ultra-wide Gauge." This important area of smoke travel allows for a less restricted pull, which will create large amounts of smoke without too much effort. You can now improve the overall smoothness of your inhales with the Sahara Smoke Sonic Diffuser, taking your standard rumble to an ultra quiet experience.

High Quality Glass Base

We won't blame you if you couldn't take your eyes off the large and glamorous glass base equipped with the Persian hookah. If you're ever looking for the next level of base designs, then Sahara has you covered as they come with a solid weight and extreme quality. All of their base are hand blown and vary in placements of accents and color striping, so no two bases look alike.

The included Persian glass base also known as the "Kiss base," display a beautiful transition of sand dollar gold to a pearlescent white top. Along the bottom of the base you'll have a drizzled glass design, which only makes this hookah look that much more luxurious. 

Persian Accessories 

It wouldn't feel right to smoke out of a hookah this gorgeous with just any old hookah hose, you're going to need some style and design. The Persian keeps it classy with a 74 inch long crushed velvet hose, that contains a large faux wooden handle and metal tip. Enjoy countless sessions with this hose from flavors across any aroma spectrum, with wash-ability being the main benefit. In a breeze you can restore the clean taste to your hose with a quick rinse in between strong flavor sessions, no need to ever dedicate the hose for a single flavor. 
The Sahara Smoke branded Vortex bowl, allows for an easy loading process at any level of hookah experience. This bowl also works with the majority of shisha brands on the market currently, and it creates an evenly cooked bowl throughout your session. 

Free with this hookah:
- One 50g box of premium shisha tobacco
- One box of natural hookah charcoals
- Foil pack
- Tongs
- Cleaning brush
- Vortex hookah bowl
- Washable hookah hose

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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