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Shika V4 Mini Totti Beast Electro Hookah (1 hose)

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Configure: Shika V4 Mini Totti Beast Electro (1 hose) Hookah

19" Shika Electroplated Mini Totti Beast available in multiple colors

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Shika Mini Totti Beast Electroplated Hookah

The Shika Mini Totti Beast will arrive as one of the smallest hookahs from their recent electroplated series, standing 19" tall. Don't write it off because of its size, the Mini Totti is a beautiful hookah. Unlike other Shika hookahs the Mini Totti features a stainless-steel downstem. The Mini Totti Beast will be available in an electroplated sky blue, hot pink, and jet black finish, and will arrive with a matching small Egyptian bell base, washable hookah hose, and a coal tray. This hookah is available in the following color options:
  • Electro Pink with an electro pink base and hookah hose

Electroplating - Science Rules!

How does the Shika Mini Totti Beast get the awesome look? Science! A process called Electroplating, to be more precise. It's a process where an electric current is run through the metal of the hookah's exterior; this current strips the metal Cation (a neutral atom that has lost one or more electrons). Once the process is complete the hookah has a new layer of metal that is completely textured on the exterior. This textured exterior is very tough on top of looking great, and top it all off it will repel water.

It's what's on the inside

The Electroplated exterior of the Mini Totti Beast makes this hookah look amazing, but the interior makeup of the hookah is pretty crucial when it comes to functionality. The stainless-steel makeup of the downstem means it will not rust nor corrode, and as long as you take good care of your hookah the stainless-steel means it will have a long life. Also, stainless-steel does not hold on to strong shisha flavors well, so with a quick clean your hookah will be ready to go for your next smoke session. 

Party Favors

In addition to this awesome Mini Totti Beast Hookah, we'll be sending along some pretty awesome accessories to help you fully enjoy your hookah. It will come included with a washable Shika Typhoon hookah hose that matches the color of your hookah (black, blue, pink). The hose comes with a removable mouthpiece and a nice, long handle.

You will also receive Shika's top quality Oblivion Phunnel Hookah Bowl - a solid clay bowl that will give you amazing smoke sessions. The Phunnel Bowl features a large central spire that fits nicely on your hookah, and it will also retain the shisha juice in the bowl instead of leaking it all over your hookah.

Free With This Hookah:
- Washable Shika Typhoon hookah hose
- Oblivion Phunnel Hookah Bowl
- Coal tray
- 50g box of shisha tobacco
- Hookah charcoals
- Electroplated Shika Tongs 

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Shika V4 Mini Totti Beast Electro (1 hose) Hookah is 100 of 100 based on 2 Reviews
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"One of the Best Hookahs"
Michael J Gomez Calderon on Friday, September 2, 2016 10:29:40 AM

I have used this hookah for a month now and the experience is the best - It is strong and reliable at the time to smoke hookah - Do your self a favor and stop buying cheap hookahs - This is the one your need and if you find it expensive talk to a representative they can help you out -

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"overall amazing experience"
Elijah Mitchem on Friday, June 3, 2016 9:25:49 PM

received my hookah today and while it smokes and looks amazing smooth draw, easy to clean, clean weld lines what stood out to me was the astounding customer service - while you can find this product for the same price on other sites, the main selling point is the company itself - i ordered mine with a complimentary 50g pack of tobacco and 20ct pack of coals, but also received a replacement mouthpiece for the hose, a full replacement set of grommets, and a 50ct pack of pre-cut foils - on top of that, i expressed my regret of not knowing about the free alpaca bowl give-away to a customer service rep, and they sent me one for free!

Help other customers find the most helpful reviews for Shika V4 Mini Totti Beast Electro (1 hose) Hookah
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