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Shika Hilal Hookah Wind Cover

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Inject some beauty, culture, and history to your hookah setup with a Shika Hilal wind cover.

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Shika Hilal Wind Cover

Ever taken your hookah outdoors to try and enjoy a smoke session in some nice weather, only to have the session ruined by the blowing wind? Pretty big bummer, right? Sounds like you need a wind cover! Pick up a 15"�Shika Hilal Wind Cover to add to your set-up today to help you better enjoy your outdoor and�indoor sessions.

Wind Covers are great tools to include in your set-up because when used outdoors they prevent wind from altering the quality of your smoke session, additionally they add more heat to your session. We have also found that, when used with indoor smoke sessions, wind covers are useful in increasing the longevity of hookah charcoals and in helping with heat management.

Each Shika Hilal is made from solid brass and features handcrafted details throughout the piece. Being handmade, you should expect slight variations in the detailing of each individual product.
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"very nice"
Rodolfo Franco on Friday, April 17, 2020 10:34:08 AM

is really nice

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