Shika Lannister Coal Tray

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Intricately designed coal tray for your hookah, made by hand using a single hammer & nail.

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The Shika Lannister Coal Tray

Beautiful, but with a cold, hard heart, the Shika Lannister hookah is a masterpiece. And the coal tray that goes with it is equally magnificent. Made of solid brass, this coal tray has good weight (just over 2 1/2 lbs) that helps hold it in one place to prevent your lit coals from dropping and burning the carpet...nothing worse than the smell of burning carpet. This coal tray is beautifully designed with an interwoven star pattern. Done entirely by hand, these designs were made using a single hammer and nail method in order to get those fine details.

Whether you're looking to replace the coal tray on your hookah, or you want to have a backup Lannister tray, this coal tray is an excellent addition to any hookah lover's set-up.

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