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Oak Wookah Hookah (1 Hose) V2

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Configure: Wookah Oak Hookah V2

Customize your Oak Wookah V2 hookah with multiple crystal base options and hose colors.

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Our Wookah hookah packages include a Ripper silicone hose.
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Our Wookah hookah packages include a Gambit hookah bowl.
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Price: $349.99
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Wookah V2 Updates

Quick lock system - it enables quick and convenient mounting the Wookah body to the vase. With just one short movement you can find the perfect match of the two elements.
Ground joint connection - its main feature is to make valves and hose connectors match to the adapters easily without grommets. The pieces can be securely mounted without using additional seals. The construction of the adapters, hose connectors and valves has been changed.
Serial number - new version of Wookah have a unique serial number, which allows to identify each product easily. Serial numbers are placed on the inside of the body and on the stainless steel ring.
Certificate of authenticity - each Wookah comes with the certificate of authenticity which confirms that the product is authentic, has been produced from selected materials and undergone strict quality control.
Cleaning and care instructions - Wookah products are made of natural materials, therefore they need a special treatment. Cleaning and care instructions are presented in the form of a leaflet.

Wookah Oak Hookah

  • 25" Tall without a bowl
  • Natural Oak hardwood
  • V2A stainless steel components
  • Wide gauge removable downstem
  • Traditional bowl port
  • Hand cut crystal base options
  • Includes 1 Ripper silicone hose (your choice of color)
  • Includes 1 Gambit phunnel bowl (your choice of color)
We suggest a new strategy, let the Wookah win.

And win it does, in our hearts. The new Wookah Oak Hookah is a beautiful work of art from the incredible Wookah team in Poland. They have brought together a symphony of high quality materials - common and rare woods, V2A stainless-steel, and hand-cut crystal glass - to make this masterpiece hookah pipe. With the use of wood, the hand crafting, and the nine different crystal bases to chose from, each Wookah Oak will be special to you! 

Strong as an Oak

The most economical of the Wookah Hookahs may make the Wookah Oak seem like the lesser of its brothers - but that assumption would be dead wrong. Oak is such a popular material for a reason, its density of 0.75g/cm3 (0.43 oz/cu in) gives it great strength and toughness. Additionally, oak is very resistant to damage from insects and fungus, not to mention the beauty of its coloring and grain marks. There's a reason the saying "strong as an oak" is around, oak is awesome and so is your Wookah Oak!

Stay Stainless, Pony Boy

All the metal components of this Wookah Oak are made of high quality V2A stainless-steel that has been cut using the precision technology of CNC Lathe machines. The threading cut into the stainless-steel is incredibly smooth, they all line up perfectly and the silicone washers used at every connection helps prevent over-tightening. The Wookah logo on the stem should line up with the Wookah logo on the base when you've reached optimal tightness. The only way you're going to damage or strip the threading is if you go all he-man, Bruce Banner post gamma radiation, fury tightening on the Wookah.

Don't. Do. That.

The hose and purge ports on the stem are identical and can be swapped out simply by unscrewing the stainless-steel purge and placing it into the other port. Or, take the purge out altogether and turn your Wookah Oak into a two hose hookah.

Stem of Steel

The stainless-steel isn't just for the exterior good looks. The high quality metal also makes up the downstem on the Wookah Oak! This wide-gauge downstem truly is wide, and will help you pull in a great amount of smoke from the base. Thunderclouds ahead! The end of the downstem is clean cut, no bell or flared out section, so it will be able to take a diffuser which will increase the smoothness of the pull and decrease the rumble.

Stainless-steel is a highly durable substance that, given that you take decent care of it, will give your hookah a long and happy life. In addition, stainless-steel will never rust or corrode. Additionally you will never have to worry about strong flavor profiles ghosting in your hookah, stainless-steel does not retain those shisha flavor profiles and with a quick clean your Wookah will be ready to smoke again!

Crystal Clear Base

Notice the beautiful crystal glass base that comes with the Wookah Oak? The incredible uniformity, the deep cuts, the intricate patterns, this is a top notch base! And yeah, you get to chose between multiple base options. These ornately designed and cut glass bases were all crafted by hand, from the glass blowing to the actually glass cutting. This is heavy duty crystal glass has a solid weight to it, that will keep this hookah steady as you pull massive clouds. The bottom of the base also has rubber stoppers on it to help give your base some extra grip on whatever surface it rests on.

Accessories for your Wookah Oak

Not only are you getting this masterpiece of a hookah, we're going to be sending you everything you'll need to get started smoking right away! We'll be providing you with the Ripper Hose, a completely washable, 72" long hookah hose that features heavy-duty, surgical grade silicone tubing, as well as an aluminum handle with ridges to help you grip it.

You have to put your shisha in something, so we'll also be sending you a Gambit phunnel. These bowls feature a wide central spire hole that allows for a smooth smoking experience. These bowls comes in a variety of colors for you to chose from. We're also sending you a bunch of other goodies, check out the full list below.

Free with this Wookah Merbau Hookah:

- Stainless Steel Coal Tray
- Cleaning Brush
- Aluminum Foil
- Hookah Charcoals
- One 50g container of premium select shisha tobacco
- Tongs

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Wookah Oak Hookah V2 is 75 of 100 based on 4 Reviews
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Basem Shams on Monday, August 13, 2018 12:11:47 AM

Excellent shisha - High quality product and super fast delivery

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"Worst hookah with best aesthetics"
Hun Sik Myung on Tuesday, September 19, 2017 3:12:27 AM

Purge port would completely come out of it and many flaws within the pipe itself - Also really hard to purge, low quality joints and such but yes I have to admit that it looks great -

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"Absolutely Amazing"
Patrick Piwowar on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 6:05:49 PM

This hookah is definitely the worth the investment - Probably the best hookah I have ever bought and used - If you want a hookah thathe is crisp and sexy, I couldn't recommend something other than this fabulous wookah hookah - GO POLAND!!!

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"Finally!! A hookah worth the Money"
Joseph Pekelsky on Wednesday, April 6, 2016 12:32:02 PM

"Why can't someone make a hookah where the priority is making the best built, best smoking hookah out there and stop wasting money making gaudy expensive trash??" Well bout damn time, someone finally has!!! This hookah is built like an F1 car - all quality, all performance - AMAZING BUILD - If you are sick of poor smoking hookahs that fall apart, save yourself some money and stop buying other stop gap measures - Every fit - every connection - the seal - the effortless draw - the HUGE opening on the glass base that easily accepts ice cubes and then screws together to lock in place on the Stem - I can't stress it enough - if you aren't using this hookah you are wasting your time - This and a cheap breakable one for camping or house parties is all you need from now on - THE BEST EVER I've had many various other products 8-9 different hookahs varying in price from $40 - $350 and this is seriously hands down the BEST hookah ever - Stop making excuses and do your self the favor of enjoying the best smoke you've ever had -

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