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Shika Stainless Short (1 hose) Hookah

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Configure: Shika Stainless Short (1 hose) Hookah

30" Shika Stainless Short hookah This hookah includes a 250g Al Fakher flavor!

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Shika Stainless Short Hookah:
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This hookah includes a 250g Al Fakher Flavor!
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Shika Stainless Short Hookah (1 hose) Description

Looking through your friend's hookah collection you see all the intricate designs and exquisite details, but then you see something shine. The Shika Stainless Short hookah is an exceptional piece, a high quality 30" tall hookah pipe with a gleaming stainless-steel exterior as well as a stainless-steel downstem. This is a standout hookah that will shine among more intricately detailed pipes, a piece that will give you years of quality smoke sessions.

Exceptional Exterior

Simple elegance is the way we like to describe this hookah shaft. Beautifully handcrafted flared out sections throughout the shaft give this hookah a design worth looking at, but the real eye-catcher is the incredible shine given off by the metal.

You will often find hookah makers using stainless-steel in the composition of the downstem, and for good reason. Stainless-steel has a lot of great properties that lend themselves well to downstems, but they also work incredibly well in the composition of the shaft. Stainless-steel is incredibly durable, as well as totally resistant to rust and corrosion, so as long as you treat your hookah well it will have a very long life. The durability means this hookah shaft will survive a few drops, dings, and knicks, but that doesn't mean you should abuse it!

Don't you worry about that spectacular shine ever fading away, the gleam is part of the nature of the stainless-steel. And unlike other metals used on hookah exteriors you can use polish substances on this exterior. Clean the whole thing or spot treat it and make sure your Stainless Short is always the brightest hookah in your collection!

Intriguing Interior

All the amazing durable qualities of the stainless-steel exterior are also found in the stainless-steel downstem. No rust. No corrosion. A long and happy life. But wait, there's more! It's always a pain when you go to smoke a new bowl, but you notice the flavor of your last bowl haunting the smoke of your current session. Never suffer this experience again: stainless-steel doesn't easily hold onto flavor profiles, so with a quick rinse your Shika will be ready to go again!

The downstem of this Shika may not be as wide open as some of the larger Shika hookahs, but it is noticeably wider than the downstems on other brands of the same size. Wide enough to allow a decent volume of smoke through, the downstem is going to give you a decently smooth smoking experience. Also, the end of the downstem will fit most diffusers which help increase the smoothness, as well as decreasing the rumble noise with each pull.

Holy Hook-up, Batman!

By purchasing this hookah you won't just be getting an exceptional hookah, you'll be getting the full hook-up. You'll be getting a coal tray, tongs, some included shisha tobacco of your choice, hookah charcoals, and of course the Shika Oblivion Hookah Bowl and the Typhoon Hookah Hose.

The Oblivion Bowl is a large hookah bowl, measuring 5" high and 3" wide, but despite its size this bowl is rather economical with shisha use - it requires about 17-20 grams of tobacco for a nice smoke session. The Oblivion Bowl features a wide open center spire that will allow a nice amount of smoke to flow through. The center spire also serves to prevent any shisha juices from dripping onto the hookah and making a mess.

The Typhoon Hookah Hose is

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"Another Shika Hit"
Rudy Ambriz on Thursday, January 11, 2018 7:26:39 AM

This is your basic looking hookah lounge hookah that most of us see - Gotta say it surely does not smoke like a KM restricted hookah - It feels and smokes like a big Shika - - - it rumbles the same as you inhale - If your starting in the hookah trend and want a good durable smooth hookah I would deff’ recommend this one over any beginner KM - This is my 3rd Shika and not once disappointed -

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"First non-chinese hookah, pure excellence"
Michael Snyder on Wednesday, March 16, 2016 7:44:54 AM

Shipping was super fast and everything plus some extras ; came in one piece - this hookah has a super smooth draw - it was almost like breathing - i did not use the supplied hose, it is too big for my small hands - Though the hose I use is super wide - that didn't effect smoke quality at all - I found 3 titanium's with fumari sprinkle packed in the oblivion bowl with a wind cover, as needed, since I usually smoke outside produces excellent flavorful clouds - this is my new favorite hookah -

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