Alchemist Tobacco Original Formula Blend 3 x 350g

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Three 350g Jars of Alchemist Tobacco - Original Formula Blend

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Alchemist Original Formula 3 x 350g Jar Super Pack

So you're a fan of the stuff? No surprise! Alchemist's original blend is spectacular, and now you can buy it in bulk and save yourself some money! Go you!

Alchemist Tobacco's "Alchemist Formula" line of bourbon barrel aged shisha tobacco features great flavor depth and unique tastes! This line features a number of delicious flavors that are quite unlike any shisha you've smoked before, and their cloud output is phenomenal!

The Alchemist Formula is made with high quality tobacco leaves grown in France and aged for 60 days in bourbon oak barrels to give them a dimension of flavor never before smoked in the hookah community. Shisha producers are constantly trying to find a niche in the market, and Alchemist has found it with their original flavoring and boutique style small batch blends.

Alchemist Formula shisha tobacco is very finely cut, un-dyed, and not extremely juicy. It smokes incredibly well, and has great flavor length, with incredible clouds; this can all be achieved through a variety of packing and heating methods. The Alchemist Formula blend can be fluff packed into just about any bowl: fill the bowl to the rim with shisha and use a standard amount of heat (3 coals).

Each 350g jar of Alchemist Blend shisha tobacco should produce around 15-20 bowls, depending on the packing method you employ and the size of the bowl you use. But now you'll have three 350g jars, meaning you'll have between 45-60 bowls!

Since this shisha tobacco is not particularly juicy you can feel safe using an Egyptian hookah bowl, as well as other kinds of bowls. However we enjoy using Phunnel Bowls for their tendency to retain shisha juices and give the flavor a longer life.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product
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"My new favorite"
James White on Thursday, March 17, 2016 3:03:05 AM

I bought Bourbon Barrel Berry, Orange County Cream, and Russian Mule - I have to say, this is one of the best tobacco brands I've had all year - The consistency is amazing, and even though it's not a juicy as the others, like Fantasia, don't let that fool you, it's not dry - Much of the juice and flavor stays within the leaves, making it much less mess and less likely to leak out - You can taste the hint of oak and Bourbon, but it doesn't mask any of the flavors at all - In fact, these are the strongest flavors I've ever had from any shisha - The Russian Mule, has a heck of a kick to it, so it lives up to its name - The Bourbon Barrel Berry has a nice multi-berry taste, which is nice, I like it just as much as any other berry of the like - The Orange Cream tastes lie the Popsicle it's most probably modeled after, and in my opinion the strongest flavor of the three and my favorite - I'll definitely be buying more of this brand in the future!

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