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What's big, furry, and smokes like a champ? The 74" long Mastodon hose from Sahara Smoke!

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Sahara Smoke Mastodon Hose

It's big, it's long, it's furry, it's the Mastodon hookah hose! Produced with ease and comfort in mind, this 74" long fluffy hose sports a two foot long handle to give you a perfect grip as you rip massive thunder clouds.

The length of the Mastodon hose gives you the benefit of being able to move around while smoking without the fear of pulling your hookah over. Fewer spilled coals means fewer burnt carpets, and happier smokers! Get up off the couch to grab the remote, or pass the hose around a group, and never have to worry about the reach.

While the Mastodon is fluffy on the outside, the inside is made of plastic. This makes the Mastodon hose completely washable! Never again will you have to worry about that mint you last smoked ruining the flavor of the fruity bowl you want to smoke next! More great taste smoke sessions, and more happy smokers!

The Mastodon will also stand out among the hookah set-ups of your friends, being a unique item that will help set you apart! No need for small talk when you smoke with the Mastodon hookah hose, it takes care of that all by itself!

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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