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Highly portable Sali Hookah pipe

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Sali Hookah Description

Smoke anywhere, anytime, with the insanely portable Sali Hookah! This hookah is small, light weight, and can even fit in a cup holder! It is designed with safety features to ensure coals will never spill out while in use and on the go.

How it works

The Sali Hookah is like a large thermos when all put together. It is around 12" tall and is made from stainless-steel, so it won't rust! The lid screws off so you can pull the bowl and downstem out of the main hookah. 

The Sali comes with a little traditional Egyptian bowl that can hold 10-15 grams of shisha tobacco, depending on your packing method. Fill the base of the Sali hookah with around 6 ounces of water. You cover this bowl with foil and poke holes in the foil, like you would with any other hookah bowl, and place it and the downstem back inside the rest of the hookah.

Once the bowl and downstem are securely in the Sali, place one hookah charcoal on the bowl. If you feel like you want more heat, you can try two coals, but we do not recommend using any more than two. 

With the coals placed on top, screw on the lid and start smoking!

Included with the Sali Hookah

The Sali comes with the small Egyptian bowl, as well as a 36" long synthetic leather hookah hose, coal tongs, and a carrying bag (for if you want to smoke on the go or just transport it securely). 

  • 36" non-washable hookah hose
  • Egyptian Hookah Bowl
  • One 50g box of premium shisha tobacco
  • One box of natural hookah charcoal
  • Coal tongs
  • Carrying bag

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product

Overall Feeling: The average rating for Sali Hookah is 50 of 100 based on 2 Reviews
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"Sali Hookah"
Doniel Vaccianna on Monday, November 14, 2016 8:23:30 PM

This hookah is really does it's job, but it needs some serious upgrading - I've only had this hookah for a week, so I don't know how it will stand up over time, but here's what I have so far - So the bag it comes with seems sturdy and does the job of protecting and increasing the portability of the hookah - The purge valve is basically useless, because of the way the hookah is made, the top/ bowl of the hookah works just fine for purging, they should get rid of the purge valve in the future versions - The hose seems okay, but in my experience the hose of any hookah is the part that breaks first, so I hope in the future they will sell that as an accessory - YEs the draw is restricted and it is a very small hose, but on vacation or a trip it will do - The bowl is very small and I personally think they should make it bigger, but overall the bowl is okay - My biggest complaint, and what needs to be improved is the top, it has a plastic treading, so it started to melt and warm almost right away, making it not screw on correctly - I've made it work but it's not ideal - The top also has a screen which is too low and too restricted to work properly, I removed that screen right away - The top also has very small holes in the top, and the coals would go out, so I used power tools to make the holes much bigger and this worked fine - Overall the hookah works well for what I personally bought it for, which is a small hookah to take on vacation and trips - But they need to replace the top with some serious upgrades like a metal treading instead of plastic, and no screen, plus larger holes on the top - Overall the cost is too much for what you get, but for me the price was worth it because besides the top itself, the hookah is well made and works well - Still have to wait and see how this hookah lasts over time, but my advice is don't buy this hookah unless you are ready to do some modification to it's top - Also the hookah works much better if you use a metal screen instead of standard aluminum foil, but of course you have to modify that too to make it smaller - So yes buy this hookah, but beware of the many drawbacks -

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Joshua Martens on Friday, November 04, 2016 10:38:50 PM

I bought this hookah several months ago, for the purpose of being able to use it in the car or on the go - Pros it looks cool when the lights are on - Cons I cannot keep a natural coal light - I have to use quick lights on it the bowl is small and if you use dryer shisha it will burn in about 20 minutes, the wet shisha burns is about 35 minutes, the aluminum stem and bowl adapter break pretty easily and will need to purchase a new one for about 12 - 00 from the manufacturer - It gets way to hot to carry on your shoulder and really does not fit in most cup holders - And it seems that i have to jack around with the coals and heat more then the real hookah - All in all I would not recommend this purchase -

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