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Coco Ultimate Natural Hookah Charcoal - 108 Count Box

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108 count box of Coco Ultimate natural hookah charcoal

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Coco Ultimate Coals - 108 piece box

The makers of Coco Ultimate searched far and wide to provide high quality natural coconut hookah coals for hookah lovers. These flat hookah coals are made entirely from coconut shells, and burn odor free for 45-60 minutes. This box contains 108 pieces of Coco Ultimate coals in a sealed bag. Once the bag is opened, make sure you store these coals in a dry place; extended exposure to moisture will ruin the coals.

Click here and learn why natural hookah charcoals are so great! And be sure to light these coconut coals using a burner - NOT with an open flame! To light the coals, place them on an electric burner and let them sit for five minutes, then flip them over and let them sit another five minutes. You can tell they're ready to go on your hookah bowl when they are entirely covered in a light layer of ash.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product

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