PLX (1 hose) Ice Flo Hookah

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Plexiglass Hookah featuring a built-in diffuser and unique chamber for cooler smoke. Includes a silicone bowl and washable hookah hose.

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PLX Ice Flo Hookah Description

The PLX Ice Flo hookah is one of the latest additions to the plexiglass hookah arsenal, and this super modern smoke chamber features a new chilling component. This plexiglass work of art stand at 8" with an overall width of 13", and it won't take up too much space with a depth of 4", this could be your next desktop hookah. The body of the Ice Flo allows for ice to be stored underneath the base and it's surrounding sides, this allows for a smoother smoking experience with larger clouds depending on your packing method.
PLX Ice Flo

Crafted solely from thick plexiglass the PLX hookahs are lightweight but provide a solid structure, with great impact strength rated slightly higher than glass but we suggest that you're careful all hookahs. Through our smoke session with the PLX we haven't found them to be a hookah that can be easily ghosted by strong flavor profiles, a simple rinse before and after smoking provided us with crisp flavors. The clear design allows you to see when there is an area that requires cleaning, and also let's you see the monster clouds that you're about to rip.
PLX Downstem
The interior downstem of the PLX is crafted from an anodized aluminum that has received a food grade certification, and it features precision cut diffuser percs. As you take your first few pulls you'll notice the minimal vibrations prevent any displacement of the hookah charcoal, allowing you to have a stress free smoke session without the thought of coals vibrating off to the floor. This modern design does not come equipped with a coal tray and we do not recommend placing any lit charcoal on the plexiglass material, you will ruin the hookah and it will be a sad day. If you've lit more charcoal than needed for your session we suggest picking up a charcoal carrier, this will allow you to ash and store backup coals to save time from running back to the burner.

PLX Ice Flo Hookah Accessories

PLX bowlPLX hose
The PLX Ice Flo hookah comes included with a long washable vinyl hookah hose and a silicone phunnel  hookah bowl to help you get started! The PLX Ice Flo also includes a male bowl adapter so you can use your favorite bowls, just make sure you're using the proper grommet. Are sessions required no grommets because we were smoking with the Kaloud Vitria Bowl and the Kaloud Lotus Heat Management System.

  • 66" washable silicone hookah hose
  • Silicone hookah bowl
  • One 50g box of premium shisha tobacco
  • One box of natural hookah charcoal

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