Al Fakher Golden Shisha Tobacco 250g

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250g jar of Al Fakher Golden shisha tobacco.

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Al Fakher Brand Review

Al Fakher Golden Shisha

Al Fakher shisha tobacco is one of the most well known companies in the hookah industry, they've been an established brand since 1999 and continue to surprise the market. Their original lineup of flavors are carried by most hookah lounges, and it's ussually recommend to any beginner in the hookah hobby. AF is known for having great single note flavors that blend easily with others, allowing you to have an unlimited world of combinations. The Al Fakher golden series was introduced over a decade ago after the success of the standard line, with only a small selection of flavors that featured a richer flavor and different packaging. The golden collection received a facelift recently while gaining a few new flavors, and now it's here to take over your session with a massive amount of flavor. The juicy golden leaves have a finer cut than the original Al Fakher and each blend has a deep depth of unique flavoring. AL Fakher fans rejoice this stuff is delicious!

AL Fakher vs Al Fakher Golden

AL Fakher Golden Flavor Descriptions

The Al Fakher Golden collection is available in a 250g resealable container, and it features a factory sealed inner container to guarantee the freshest flavor. We always suggest mixing up your tobacco before smoking for a stronger flavor, and this shisha can be enjoyed with any style of hookah bowls. Al Fakher has provided us with a tempting description for each blend and you can check them out below:
Bahraini Apple - Golden Bahraini Apple offers the pure taste of red apples, with a mellow and spicy finish. Enticingly fragrant, you can barely taste the crisp tartness of apples, but just enough to have an agreeable aftertaste while smoking.

Eskandarani - Golden Eskandarani is somewhat remote and unique combining the freshness of green apples with a floral undertone. The spices are toned down to bring out the lighter fruity flavors. A perfect blend of green and sour apples.

Two Apples - Golden Double Apple's rich taste commands a pause as you start smoking it. The sweet silky flavors of red apples balances flawlessly with the more sour notes of green apples. You will feel the essence shift in your palette as you exhale, leaving a smoked taste with timber undertones and the signature anise element of our Double apple molasses. AF Golden Double Apple is sweet and slightly tart, a quietly complex character.

Grape - A touch aloof at first, the taste builds up and settles on your tongue and palette as you start smoking. The mild flavor of dark grape dominates as you exhale but is counterbalanced with spicy undertones which slowly sits in your mouth and leaves a lingering woody after taste. Al Fakher Golden grape offers a distinguished flavour unfound anywhere else.

Fresh Mint - Enticingly refreshing, our Golden Fresh Mint is powerfully cool. The intense taste of mint will make you tingle with very light citrus aftertaste that lingers on your tongue and lips. Sit back and appreciate the sensation of freshness of these molasses

Strawberry - Golden Strawberry's candy-like smell will take you back to your fondest childhood memories. With an irresistible taste of dried strawberries that will draw you in from the very first puff and a hint of tartness that will settle on your palette as you enjoy every moment.

Orange - Straight out of the oven and into in your shisha. Golden Orange is sweet, tart and fresh at the same time. Imagine the refined taste of a gourmet orange cake from an artisan bakery. The flavour of dried oranges is one of enticing complexity. A truly enchanting bitter- sweet symphony.

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Al Fakher Golden Shisha Tobacco 250g is 100 of 100 based on 5 Reviews
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"Strawberry, Bahraini Apple and Two Golden Apple"
Eric on Wednesday, July 05, 2017 4:45:33 PM

First the bad - Strawberry is not sweet as in the deion - It is a very dry and fake tasting strawberry flavor and definitely not like candy, a total exaggeration - It doesn't even smell good - I am going to throw this one away after the review - Also the container lids are curved in and you cannot stack them and they are not labeled - The Two Golden Apple is good and as described and reviewed here by others - The Bahraini Apple is really fragrant and has a distinct apple smell and taste with a hint of some spice - A full bowl may be too spiced so I have been cutting this with some of the Two Golden Apple and maybe a pinch of mint - Give it a try for something different -

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"AF golden orange"
Ray Stout on Wednesday, April 26, 2017 10:43:53 PM

Very good flavor - Would of liked it a little more sweet but I'm just nitpicking - It's a great stand alone flavor and I'll be buying more soon - Thanks Hookah-Shisha -

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"Golden Two Apple Review"
Alan Melamed on Monday, April 10, 2017 6:51:52 AM

I tried Al-Fahker's Golden Two Apple flavor over the weekend and having tried their regular two apple, in addition to Nakhla Two Apple, I must say that Al-Fahker Golden Two Apple has a much more pronounced apple note than Nakhla does - While both had the anise element, particularly on the exhale, Nakhla wins that battle as the anise element is very strong while Al-Fahker balances it better with the fruit, so that no one element of the flavor is stronger than the other - Using a sprinkle pack with 3 Coco Nara coals did the trick and as with all Al-Fahker flavors, it was really easy to prepare allowing me to really enjoy the smoke without worrying about heat management too much, as I used my Vitria II bowl and Lotus - Al-Fahker's Golden Two Apple did not disappoint with smoke quality or quantity either, presenting copious amounts of wonderful white plumes of smoke - This is the second flavor that I reviewed in this line and I find nothing to complain about - - - Al-Fakher really did well with this line and while it might cost a few bucks more, it is certainly worth it -

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"Golden Grape review"
Alan Melamed on Monday, February 27, 2017 8:17:45 AM

I tried the golden grape flavor as my friends were wanting something different than the typical spice flavors that I typically smoke, when I remembered that I had some Golden Grape from Al-Fakher - Being an Al-Fakher veteran and having smoked their regular Grape flavor, I thought I knew what to expect, and visually, I was correct, red dyed tobacco with a powerful smell, but the Golden Grape had a more powerful smell and it differed from their regular grape flavor in complexity featuring some darker tones - Loading it up in my Vitria II bowl using a sprinkle pack and topping it with my Lotus, using 3 Coco Nara coals, I started smoking it and that is where all the difference was! What we experienced was a much stronger taste and very pronounced grape flavor which both myself and my friends certainly appreciated - We appreciated the smoothness of the flavor as it was not overpowering but you could certainly taste the grape - I was pleasantly surprised by this flavor and will be purchasing more Golden Line flavors from Al-Fahker - Our session lasted over 90 minutes with the flavor going strong all that time - I would certainly recommend this flavor to all!

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Saanesh on Thursday, August 11, 2016 11:55:18 PM

I got a 50g box of golden grape & the mint - I'm very impressed - It has full flavour, good dense smoke and it goes on for about 75-90 mins with a fluff pack in a vortex at around 20g of shisha - very good value for money as I think this is on the same level as hookahfina if not slightly better coz of the mild buzz factor & authentic taste -

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