CocoBrico 324 Ct. Flat Coals 3kg

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324 pieces of FLAT shaped Cocobrico hookah coals

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CocoBrico Flat Shaped Coconut Coals

Time to stock up on Cocobrico flat shaped hookah charcoal? Hopefully this 3kg box will be enough for your exquisite taste, as you will be set to enjoy 108 sessions if our math is correct(3 pieces per session). The European hookah world knows Cocobrico very well, as they have gained popularity with hookah smokers from many levels of experience. They reached these rankings by creating a series of high quality charcoal including this box of flat coals, as well as their popular cube shapes. The power of their coals have been utilized by smokers in lounges, at home, and even competitions. The square shaped coals measures out to an even 1"x1"and work perfectly atop any hookah foil, or heat management devices. These coals are crafted with the use of all natural materials with a main ingredient consisting of raw coconut husks, and let it be known that no trees harmed in this process. This 3kg box contains 324 pieces of Cocobrico flat coals, each kilogram package is individually wrapped for optimal freshness. 

This charcoal is widely used because of it's low ash content that doesn't leave you with a mess after a session, and durability as they're crafted to not split or spark after heating. The Cocobrico coals are rated as a high heat charcoal and throughout our many session with them, we were easily able to produce massive thunder clouds with maximum flavor.

Achieving A Fully Lit Charcoal

This natural charcoal will require a single coil burner and a small amount of time in order to get the cloudy sessions we were able to achieve. Using cube shaped charcoal in most cases will only require you to light 3 pieces, and after placing them on the burner allow 9-12 minutes with a flip at the halfway mark to fully light the coal.Before removing the charcoal from the burner make sure that the coals are fully lit on all sides, this will provide you with an optimal session of flavor and clouds.To ensure the safest trip from the coal burner to the hookah bowl, we use a charcoal carrier as a place to store extra coal and prevent coal blackouts. These coals can be used outside but in high wind situations we always recommend using a bowl wind cover.

Note: You must be 18 years of age to purchase this product.

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"Excellent clean burning coals"
John Leblanc on Monday, October 15, 2018 12:03:54 PM

these coals have little to no smell when they burn, they heat in about 8 minutes if you flip halfway through and last about 40-50 min depending on the bowl set up you have - Cocobrico is currently my favorite coal manufacturer and im smoking 2-3 bowls a day everyday -

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Sonia Abukweik on Thursday, December 07, 2017 10:48:57 PM

They don’t last that long

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