Art Hookah Aviator Shaft (1 Hose)

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Configure: Art Hookah Aviator (1 hose) Hookah Shaft

Machine made shaft from aircraft-grade aluminum featuring a built-in diffuser and adjustable height.

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Art Hookah Aviator Hookah Stem

The company that started the hookah base cocktail trend with their original creation the Art Hookah Temple 45 glass hookah, has made a return with a new hookah. After 2 years of research and development at their lounge in California, they've pulled the curtain back on a phenomenal stem simply titled the Aviator stem. This hookah follows the design of their Aviator hookah hose and it features a sleek modern body at 28" tall with a bold color finish that will never fade.
This machine made hookah stem is crafted with the use of aircraft-grade aluminum, and it provides a picture perfect exterior with a lightweight body. The high grade metal is used within the aviation industry for aircrafts parts, and ensures a lifetime of quality with the stem. The Aviator's unique design features a built-in purge valve that does not protrude from the central hub, and allows for an easy purge with an internal double ball bearing. We've used several hookah bowls atop of the finely tuned bowl port with ease, and the included coal tray(same aircraft aluminum metal) provides ample space for coal ashing and storage of extra charcoal.

Aviator Stem Features

The Aviator hookah can be completely broken down for an ease in cleaning and storage, but this design will actually serve two purposes within your hookah session. This hookah can be used with two height configurations, a smooth threaded design allows for a quick untwist of the shaft to change the height from tall to short. The downstem is threaded to secure a tight connection within the central hub, and it's adjustable for the use with multiple sizes of hookah bases. The Aviator hookah has a built-in diffuser with 6 horizontal cutouts that create a super smooth inhale without the heavy rumble.
Grab any hose from your collection and slap on a proper grommet for a snug fit within the flared hose port, or you could create a matching combo with the Aviator Hose.

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"Excellent Hookah"
Adrian on Saturday, November 25, 2017 4:24:55 PM

Although I bought this hookah from elsewhere, I have to say this is the best hookah I've ever owned - I've had multiple KM, Nammor, Mya, and Sahara Smoke hookahs to compare them to, and the draw rivals even the KMs - The whole stem is thick aluminum, and feels really sturdy - It won't ever rust - The threading on the joints is extremely well done, and you won't see a seam anywhere - The ashtray is my favorite on any hookah, it's screwed in so it doesn't rattle ever, and even after a year of abuse there's not a single scratch or faded area on it, or any part of the hookah for that matter - I've never gotten water in the hose and purge ports - Speaking of the purge valve, it's inside the chamber itself which is cool, but it does lack in that satisfying feedback when you use it, unlike other hookahs where you can feel the 'pulsing' of the bead - This is just personal preference though, and doesn't detract from the rest of the smoking experience -

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"Meh -"
DC on Thursday, February 16, 2017 12:53:15 AM

First off, I do like this hookah - It looks gorgeous, it's super easy to clean, but I feel like I've been robbed on this purchase and should have gone for the Starbuzz one instead - While it can be used in smaller sections, the pieces aren't really built well enough to do so - the bowl fitting barely screws on - Because of the open/common chamber, water gets in the hose, all the time - And the stem is way too short yes, I have it as its longest length for bases that would generally fit this size of hookah - And the purge is only about as good as you'd expect from a common-chamber hookah, though the "built-in" nature of it is pretty neat - I expected the best from Art, but I'm left incredibly disappointed - this is, as the brand name implies, more of an art piece than a daily hookah - If you want a new stem, look elsewhere -

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