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B2 Hookah V3 (1 Hose) Hookah Shaft

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Configure: B2 (1 hose) Hookah

High quality aluminum shaft crafted by CNC machines in the US. Available in multiple colors and adjustable heights.

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B2 V3 Hookah Package Includes:

  • Available in Black or Gold
  • Can be configured to 3 different heights (Tall = 28", Medium = 22", Small = 16 1/2")
  • B2 metal tip hookah hose
  • V3 coal tray
  • New custom cut B2 carrying box
  • Anti-corrosive metal (no rust or fading)
  • Wide gauge downstem
  • Removable diffuser
The B2 hookah shaft is a stem of beauty with multiple features, some of which can only be found within this hookah. The stem is crafted with the use of a high grade Aluminum (6061) metal and CNC lathe machines, this allows computer precision cuts and threading on a long-lasting metal. Each stem contains unique serial number engraved on the shaft hub, and arrive with an authenticity card for verification purposes. The B2 shaft is designed and built here in the USA, and must pass a strict quality assurance process before shipment. The features of this shaft would blow the socks off any hookah expert, but it's overall setup allows for an ease of use for the average hookah smoker.

Pick Your Size & Smoke

Do you like small or large hookahs? Guess what? The B2 can be both and even hit the in-between size for the perfect height in any situation. A fully assembled B2 shaft will measure at 28" with the diffuser attached, 22" at the medium configuration, and 16 1/2" at the smallest height. The threaded ends of each portion are completely solid with no chance of bending, and screws on/off very easy making cleaning a breeze along with travelling. The deep threading provides no gaps or air leaks, and adds stability while using it at the max height.

B2 "Heat Sink" Design

The B2 stem features 4 sections that contain multiple precision cut blades/fins, and if you've ever looked at a motherboard of a computer then you'll know where this idea comes from. During a typical hookah session our stems can become very warm/hot(depending on height and material), you may not have noticed this if your downstem is encased around another material. This will have an affect on your smoking session as the smoke passes through the warm downstem, leading to a higher temperature smoke than what's normally preferred.

The word "heat sink" means a device or substance for diffusing excessive or unwanted heat. In the past computers have benefited the most from heat sink designs, and the same concept that keeps your computer from melting is now being applied to this glorious B2. The thick aluminum fins create a self cooling process as you smoke, and creates the purest smoke within your session. Do not expect the same results if you see something like this crafted from a cheaper metal, as the most common heat sink materials are Aluminium alloys and B2 is ahead of the curve. The blades are crafted from a single Aluminium piece to ensure the full function of the heat sink, so you'll never have to worry about any blades falling off mid session.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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"B2 hookah v3 galaxy splash"
Art Anderson on Thursday, December 17, 2020 1:22:55 PM

Been smoking on this hookah for 2 weeks now and I just got to say I love everything about it - Love how you get 3 different hookahs in one short to tall - The draw is great the clouds or nice and thick and there is no ghosting - I was even able to get in contact with b2 hookah company themselves to get another stem piece for the galaxy splash so I can even make it taller or to just have a spare - The only down side I had with this hookah is the little o ring that attaches the hose to the hose port it wasnt thick enough and the hose kept popping out but swapped it out with one a little thicker and have no problems - Just love this hookah all around and the color pics do not do this piece of smoking art justice -

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"One of my favorite hookah from my collection"
AMT on Monday, May 25, 2020 12:20:22 AM

It's an amazing hookah the way it look and perform It will change u smoking experience

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JT Mann on Monday, February 4, 2019 1:05:36 PM

B2 Hookah shaft is by far the best product - Expensive but worth every penny - Easy to pack when travelling -

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