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Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha Tobacco 1000g

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1000g of hand crafted dark leaf Trifecta shisha tobacco.

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Trifecta Arak Shisha Review

Trifecta Dark Blend 1000g

It's dark, delicious, and delightful, what more could you ask for from Trifecta's dark blend series? This collection of dark leaf tobacco flavors are handmade in small batches here in the USA, with the use of burley tobacco leaves. Trifecta's dark blend has made a great impression on hookah smokers around the world after their initial release in 2015, and we're excited to have it on our shelves.

The use of burley tobacco provides a great buzz that won't knock you off your rocker if you're an experienced smoker, and can still be enjoyed by moderate hookah smokers. Each blend is packed in a resealable jar with your flavor packed inside a 250 gram bag, the uniform jars allow for easy organization or travelling to a friends house. This series is ready to smoke out of the jar with no need for any acclimation.

How To Prepare Trifecta

Grab a bowl, any bowl and throw the tobacco inside with coals on top for a great time! Trifecta dark blend is very versatile and can be enjoyed in several bowl styles with different packing methods. Their juicy cut of burley leaves is finely cut with a few stems, and can be prepared with a shisha fork or by hand. We typically use phunnel bowls for our sessions here at the office, but you can still achieve the delicious taste with a standard Egyptian bowl.

This tobacco doesn't need to be densely packed for the perfect session, we suggest playing around with it to find your sweet spot. We fill our bowls to the inner lip and gently tap down anything that sticks out beyond the bowl. The creator of these blends recommends the use of hookah foil with this tobacco, but it can still be enjoyed with heat management devices like the Kaloud Lotus. We use 3 pieces of natural coconut coals from several brands, as Trifecta handles heat very well.

Trifecta Dark Blend Shisha Flavors Descriptions

Arak - It's ANISE & that's all folks
Apple Pie - Green Apple/Cinnamon/Spices
BDH - Melon Blend/Peach
Blueberry - Powerful Blueberry
Cherry Plum - Tart cherry blended with sweet plum
Concord Grape - Robust purple concord grape
Cool Cinnamon Gum - Ice Mint/Sweet Cinnamon
Death By Ice - Moroccan Mint/Peppermint
Deja Dew - Lemon/Lime
Durty Mint - Strong yet sweet peppermint
Earl Grey - Rich Black Tea/Lemon/Bergamot
Enigma - Berries Mix/Herbs/Citrus
Hipster Mint - Natural mint leaf with an earthy undertone and a sweet spearmint finish
Indian Kheer - Cardamom/Cream/Cinnamon/Pistachio
Lavender Mint- Floral/Mint
Lime - Tart Lime
Lychee - Sweet Exotic Fruit
Manzanas - Robust Apple Blend
Morning Glory - Robust Coffee/Cream
Orange Seville Coffee - Orange Rinds/ Coffee Bean
Pearfect - Spiced Pear
Pineapple - Sweet Pineapple
Pulp Friction - Citrus/Fruit
Raspberry - Subtle Sour Notes/ Natural Raspberry
Ruby - Cherry/Berry/Cinnamon
Spumoni - A new addition which has quickly become an office favorite. Heavy notes of amaretto cherry with distinct hints of pistachio and creamy vanilla
The Twist - Melons/Mint/Lemon
TKO - Chocolate/Hazelnut
True Grape - White Grape
Ventura Peach - White Peach/Sweet Peach

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

Overall Feeling: The average rating for Trifecta Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco 1000g is 100 of 100 based on 3 Reviews
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"Great flavor"
Marion Wine on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 11:16:31 PM

If you like smooth mint you will enjoy this

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"Not as good as the first batch I tried"
Jesse Chavatte on Thursday, August 24, 2017 8:58:13 AM

I loved this flavor when I tried it a couple weeks ago - The first 250 grams of it was strong as hell too - It gave me more of a buzz than Tangiers has in a long time - Unfortunately this batch of 1000 has let me down - I'd buy it again, but probably only 250g at a time -

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"Trifecta is Perfecta!"
Alan Melamed on Monday, June 19, 2017 6:42:11 AM

I bought a kilo of Trifecta's Tabletop and I thought it would be like other tobaccos that I have smoked, but I was wrong - Tabletop is like nothing else because the flavor changes with each bowl - Even the smell coming from the shisha is comprised of 4-5 different things that you can identify, but there is always something else there - - - always something that you can't quite put your finger on - Insofar as the actual smoke itself, Trifecta does not disappoint in that way either - - - great smoke production, and a great flavor that lasted about 2 hours, using natural coals - I am impressed by the quality of the smoke and of the strength of the tobacco itself - Not only that, seeing as though I have a kilo of this stuff, I will be smoking it happily for a long time to come!

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