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Starbuzz USA Discovery Hookah Package

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Customize your Starbuzz Discovery Hookah with multiple accessories and color options. Hose, base, and bowl included.

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Starbuzz Discovery Package Includes

Starbuzz Discovery Hookah

The 28" Starbuzz Discovery hookah stem is made here in the USA, with the use of space-grade aluminum and surgical-grade stainless steel. These machine made stems are built to last with a paint job that won't fade. The high grade metals resist rust and corrosion, while providing you with a solid overall weight that creates a stable foundation during your session. The Starrbuzz downstem provides minimal flavor ghosting which makes back to back sessions extremely easy, and strong flavor profiles can be cleared with a quick rinse. Now it's time to pair this ultra modern stem with an assortment of various colored accessories, and create your very own custom Starbuzz hookah.

Starbuzz Royal Bowl

The Starbuzz Royal bowl series puts a slight spin on the traditional Egyptian style hookah bowls, and it's the perfect fit for your new Starbuzz stem. The Royal bowl features a concave interior like a traditional Egyptian bowl, with a more symmetrical placement of the interior hole placement. Each bowl features a wide gauge interior for an ease in smoke travel, and a glossy exterior glaze with a Starbuzz script wrapping the base. These bowls can hold around 15-20 grams of your favorite shisha tobacco, now all you need to do is pick a color!

Starbuzz Royal Hose

You can't get your session started without a hose right? Well Starbuzz has you covered with their 79" Royal hookah hose available in 3 colorways. Each hose features an acrylic mouth tip with a colored metallic inner tubing, and a spacious hose handle for a comfortable grip throughout your session. The royal hose is not washable but you can extend its life by clearing the hose of any leftover smoke at the end of your session, these will aid against ghosting and moisture build up. These hoses contain a medium gauge tubing that provides minimal restriction for a smooth smoke session, but the water level within your base will affect this as well.

Starbuzz Premium Bases

Alright it's time for the final step, and this decision may take the longest because each one of these Starbuzz premium bases looks great with any stem color. The exterior features a dual paint job of bold coloring at the neck and base, with a frosted mid section that provides a textured touch. These bases stand at 11 1/2" with a 6" base diameter, you'll receive an included set of grommets to ensure a snug fit on your stem.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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Amir Sadat on Tuesday, September 3, 2019 12:38:57 AM

Perfect hookah great customer Service starbuzz Hookah is the best

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