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Amira/BYO Volcano (1 Hose) Hookah

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Configure: Amira/BYO Volcano (1 Hose) Hookah

21" Volcano hookah from Amira/BYO available in multiple colors.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Recently, Amira Hookahs have begun rebranding their products as "BYO" hookahs. Some models may reflect the "Amira" brand name while some may reflect the "BYO" brand name. They are the same company and the same products, just keep in mind that it may reflect either the "Amira" brand or the "BYO" brand.

Amira/BYO Volcano Hookah

  • Available in Black or Blue
  • 21" Tall
  • Included washable hose
  • Included phunnel bowl
  • Magnetic hub seal
The latest Amira/BYO hookah collection adds a modern touch to your lineup with a chrome finish and multiple flared section throughout the stem. This single hose setup provides a traditional smoking experience with some unique features that you won't find on a typical hookah. The Volcano model is manufactured with stainless and brass metals to give you a long lasting hookah setup, Amira also uses thick glass materials to ensure a sturdy foundation atop any flat surface.

Volcano Features

Mag connection
When you break out your new Volcano for the first smoke session there will be some new features that you may not be used to like magnets! The Amira Magna technology is incorporated into all of their stems to creates an airtight seal that won't leave you with any leaks. Once you have your base water filled, place the stem over the base and lower slowly and the allow the two to connect. This magnetic connection is extremely powerful so please be careful as to what you have around during the cleaning and loading process. The Volcano design uses a thick tempered glass to create a unique coal tray that can actually handle the heat from lit charcoals, unlike the ashtrays from a standard glass hookah that can only be used for ashing purposes.

Amira/BYO Smoke Quality

Magnets are cool and so is a chrome finish, but if you can't get a great smoke session then there's no reason to pick it up right? Well Amira took the smooth inhale route and ended up with a wide gauge downstem at the bottom of a slightly narrowed shaft. This hookah build can still produce a classic rumble experience with minimal restriction, and if you want a tighter pull just a little more water to the base.

* 50g Box of shisha
* 1 Box of natural coconut coals
* Foil pack
* Tongs
* Cleaning brush

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.
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Overall Feeling: The average rating for Amira/BYO Volcano (1 Hose) Hookah is 50 of 100 based on 2 Reviews
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"Good Hookah Needs work -"
Jesse Mcintyre on Sunday, January 14, 2018 12:39:50 AM

I have this hookah and realized that the gaskets need to be updated and more gaskets where needed to prevent all pinhole leaks leaks - Everything you can unscrew needs a gasket to ensure there is no air leaking from the threads - All in all a great design, good idea with the magnets just needs updating to be even better -

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"amira volcano magnetic hookah"
Macy Storms on Monday, July 3, 2017 4:43:42 AM

Horrible - I don't understand, because how it is built is perfect! Seems like it'd smoke better than any hookah i've ever owned - Which has been 15+ hookahs - Fro tiny ones to 5 foot+ - - - from 50$ hookahs to 300$ hookahs - and with the set up of this hookah I believed it'd rip better than any i've ever had - But no matter the water change i keep adding or the changes i try to make, it won't rip good at all - Each rip is like the first hit when you try getting the hookah going - THROUGHOUT THE WHOLE BOWL YOURE SMOKING THOUGH!!! I can't do anything so far to try and make it properly rip and get good hits - I don't know what to do, and i'm extremely disappointed -

Help other customers find the most helpful reviews for Amira/BYO Volcano (1 Hose) Hookah
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