Lavoo Heritage Reserve Dark Leaf Shisha Tobacco 200g

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Fine cut dark leaf tobacco, made in the US. Provides a stronger buzz than their standard dark collection.

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Lavoo Heritage Reserve Tobacco

The market is asking for more dark leaf tobacco blends and Lavoo is here to answer that call with another collection. The Lavoo Heritage Reserve features the same fine cut tobacco as their original dark leaf line, but now you can expect a stronger buzz and a little boost in the flavor strength department. Heritage Reserve brings more juice to each 200 gram jar and each blend will arrive in a jet black resealable jar for an ease in storing and travel. The Lavoo brand continues to create their flavor combinations here in the US as they aim to please the expert smokers looking for a darker flavor profile in their bowl.  

How To Prepare Lavoo Heritage Reserve Tobacco

You can use a shisha fork or hands to prepare a fresh bowl, and we recommend a quick mixing of the jar with a shake or stir before loading. Now that we're working with more juice be sure to keep your bowl preference in mind when you're getting a session together. We like to use phunnel bowls with the heritage collection but you can also use a standard egyptian bowl. All of our session utilized natural charcoal ranging in size from flats to 3 cubes. The fine cut tobacco can result in a couple leaves falling in your base with Egyptian style bowls, but it's shouldn't have any negative affect your session. Our bowls hit the 2 - 2 1/2 hour mark by sprinkle filling the bowl up to the interior rim. You can also get a stronger flavor/buzz with a semi dense pack, just pay close attention to how much juice gets into your bowl as you prepare it. The flavor strength is great with hookah foil, and can be used with the Kaloud Lotus for a crisp and sweeter flavor output.

Lavoo Tobacco Flavor Descriptions

  • Double Dark Mint - "How can they keep making this colder?" - with a little chocolate on the exhale
  • Mint Frappe - Grab yourself a cold cup of Frappe
  • Spiced Nectarine - Spices, floral, and of course bright citrus 
  • Tangy Berry - Tart but don't let it scare ya, the delicious berry keeps it from being sour.  
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