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Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

"Granny Chai" Fumari Shisha Tobacco Mix

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Grandma is letting you in on a secret chai recipe. No unicorns required.

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"Granny Chai" Fumari Shisha Tobacco Blend

The reason you give grandma a call is to stay in her good graces and have access to some of her secret recipes. We kept a mean streak of communication and now she's laid out the blueprint to a sensational flavor experience. Using our mixing powers, we flipped the script and mixed similar flavors from the Fumari collection. Warning: We didn't ask permission to share this recipe, so it may not last long. Write it this down.�

How To Mix It�

Warning #2:�This mix is really good, just giving you a warning. Place approximately 40% of Fumari Granny Smith in your right hand and 40% Spiced Chai in your left. Bring your hands together and mix up the shisha close to your heart�as love was one of the best ingredients. Drizzle the mixed shisha inside the bowl with a sandwich style pack, using 20% Vanilla in the middle. Granny's mix will leave you with a little more vanilla in the end; good thing it's a great solo flavor.�

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"Custom mix"
Demetrius Spears on Friday, June 23, 2017 5:39:58 AM

Great flavor and price is great

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