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"Room 4 Dessert" Haze Tobacco Shisha Mix

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We made room for a decadent surprise, how about you?

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"Room 4 Dessert" Haze Shisha Blend

We really hope you like this mix because it's one of our favorite treats to whip up in the warehouse. This mix can produce a variety of flavor experiences with minor tweaks to the percentages and still yield a decadent dessert profile. We'll always have room on our plate for this banana-peanut butter smoothie topped off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Haze has always crafted smooth and flavorful blends and their use of spices with cream flavors hits those sweet tooth cravings with ease.�

How To Mix It

Smelling all three of these flavors together gives you a delicious preview as to what is in store for your next session. When we first started to play around with this mix, we were very particular on the placement of each flavor in order to achieve more of a banana or peanut flavor. Then we had the session that changed it all for us and discovered that the key to this mix is using a small amount of your What-A-Mint (20%) at the top and bottom of the bowl. Keep an even blend of the Bananarama and Pacoca (Both 40%) in the middle because once that heat starts passing through, you'll know why we always make room for dessert.�

*Haze Sinful Mint can be used in place of What-A-Mint if you like cinnamon spice on your dessert.�

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"Room 4 Dessert Mix"
Diana Morse on Tuesday, June 27, 2017 7:42:31 AM

This mix is so yummy! It's been a lot of fun experimenting to get the right balance of What-a-Mint - For me, having a small bit on the bottom of my bowl then just a sprinkle on top really does well! Great blend guys!

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