Zomo Tobacco Strong Line 50g - Dark Leaf

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Dark cut and barrel aged hookah tobacco with a robust finish, for intermediate smokers.

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Zomo Tobacco Strong Line 50g Box

Utilizing barrel aged tobacco, the Latin based Zomo team built this Strong Line collection for long lasting sessions with a heavier flavor profile. Each blend features a dark and juicy cut with a sweet but cooling undertone that chills each puff. This collection puts a focus on single note fruit flavors like pineapple, mango, and passion fruit. Zomo tobacco is manufactured in Paraguay and leads the competition by being the #1 brand in South America.

How-to Smoke Zomo Tobacco Strong Line

The dark cut of the Strong Line is very juicy so we recommend using a phunnel bowl style to achieve the longest session. Even though this tobacco is dark in color, you won't need to acclimate it in anyway; just open the bag and get to smoking. We've experimented with several different packing methods and it's safe to say that this collection is very easy to use. Extend your 50g box with a sprinkle pack to the interior rim for a session of great flavor and huge clouds. When we packed the bowl with a slight dense pattern the flavor and buzz is stronger with a much longer smoke session.

We can get anywhere from 1 1/2 hrs to 2 1/2 depending on the packing method. We used a variety of natural charcoal sizes ranging from cubes to flat with foil and heat management devices.

Zomo Strong Flavors

  • Strong Mint - Strong Mint combines the intense and refreshing power of mint with a touch of sugar cane.
  • Strong Pine - The blend of authentic pineapple flavor, with its remarkable refreshment, and a hint of mint.
  • Strong Blue - Strong Blue features the sour and sweet taste, typical of the Blueberry and also accompanies the unmistakable touch of Mint, to balance its essence.
  • Strong Orange - Powerful sweet orange zest with a cooling exhale
  • Strong Lemon - Sour and sweet that blends perfectly with mint
  • Strong Passion - Robust passion fruit experience blended with sugar cane and mint
  • Strong Mango - A long lasting powerful mango blend with an icy touch
  • Black Edition - Barrel aged for 6 months and infused with a dark mint
Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

Overall Feeling: The average rating for Zomo Tobacco Strong Line is 50 of 100 based on 2 Reviews
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"Zomo Black Review"
Alan Melamed on Monday, July 31, 2017 6:47:09 AM

Zomo Black...WOW!! I tried this flavor over the weekend and posted the following review to YouTube about it. Probably one of the strongest tobaccos I have tried to date. It had a powerful tobacco note with a nice mint, not too strong but enough to balance the tobacco note and provide a great session. My session lasted through 3 rounds of coals, over 3 hours with NO LOSS or degradation of flavor. I would not recommend this to beginners as its flavor strength is off the charts, but it provided a relaxing session with flavor that just wouldn't quit

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"Zomo Tobacco Strong Line"
Roger Walker on Tuesday, June 20, 2017 12:31:28 PM

If you like mint, this is the shisha for you! It was was too minty for me - My next two bowls tasted like mint even though they were DIRTY BLONDE my favorite! I had to clean my hookah and hoses to get rid of the mint taste - I'm not saying the product was bad, but it was simply too minty for me and not to my liking - I'll stick my DIRTY BLONDE!

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