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B2 Hookah Precious Cut Hookah Shaft (1 hose)

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Configure: B2 (1 hose) Precious Cut Hookah Shaft

1 of 1 limited series from B2 featuring unique shaft designs that combine natural wood and color compounds. Includes free jar of Natural Order.

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Your B2 Precious Cut shaft will include a free jar of Natural Order
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B2 Precious Cut Hookah Shaft

This is a very rare sight that you have in front of you and there's only one of each piece for all you collectors out there. What we have today is none other than the B2 Precious Cut hookah shaft, a very limited collection that required a high level of craftsmanship. Each shaft is created with the standard B2 equipment; CNC lathe machines, high grade anodizing process, and premium quality aluminum. These materials provide you with a rust and corrosion free hookah that is built to last a lifetime of smoking. These uniquely color shafts are a combination of natural wood and color compounds that look great on camera but even better as a center piece to your environment.

The features of this shaft would blow the socks off any hookah expert, but it's overall setup allows for an ease of use for the average hookah smoker. The B2 Hookah shaft is sold by itself and will require a base, hose, bowl, and coal tray. The features of this shaft would blow the socks off any hookah expert, but it's overall setup allows for an ease of use for the average hookah smoker. The B2 Hookah shaft is sold by itself and will require a base, hose, and tray.

Your B2 Hookah in a snapshot:
  • 1 of kind shaft
  • 23" Tall
  • Crafted with natural wood and color compounds
  • Heat sink design creates a self-cooling process
  • Anti-corrosive metal (no rust or fading)
  • Wide gauge downstem
  • Removable diffuser
  • Large hose port for multiple hose styles

B2 "Heat Sink" Design

The B2 stem features multiple sections that contain multiple precision cut blades/fins, and if you've ever looked at a motherboard of a computer then you'll know where this idea comes from. During a typical hookah session our stems can become very warm/hot(depending on height and material), you may not have noticed this if your downstem is encased around another material. This will have an affect on your smoking session as the smoke passes through the warm downstem, leading to a higher temperature smoke than what's normally preferred.

The word "heat sink" means a device or substance for diffusing excessive or unwanted heat. In the past computers have benefited the most from heat sink designs, and the same concept that keeps your computer from melting is now being applied to this glorious B2. The thick aluminum fins create a self cooling process as you smoke, and creates the purest smoke within your session. Do not expect the same results if you see something like this crafted from a cheaper metal, as the most common heat sink materials are Aluminium alloys and B2 is ahead of the curve. The blades are crafted from a single Aluminium piece to ensure the full function of the heat sink, so you'll never have to worry about any blades falling off mid session.

Customize Your B2

Since you will need to equip this hookah stem with all of the proper accessories, now's your chance to make something new and bold. Starting at the top of your stem, B2 has crafted an artistic tray featured in the photos above and it features a raised filter for an ease in ashing coals. At the same time the B2 can be used with any style of coal tray that you would use on a traditional hookah. The underside of B2 central hub is wide but still narrow enough to fit within a large Egyptian or Bohemian glass hookah base. The 9" downstem is long enough to reach deep into the base which prevents you from having to use too much water in order to reach the recommended 1"-1 1/2" above the diffuser. The B2 also contains a wide gauge hose port with a slight upwards tilt, and it can accommodate multiple styles of hoses from silicone to traditional styling with the proper grommet.

Note: You must be 21 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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"Amazing Hookah Art"
Bryant Pfeiffer on Friday, January 12, 2018 10:50:20 AM

I purchased the first one that was for sale wood with double aqua/blue rings Pros: The “heat sink” design actually works really well - Almost too well! Looks stunning - Knowing no one else in the world has the exact same one is a plus toward the high price tag - Very well built and have no doubt this will last a lifetime - Cons: Costs over $400 for just the stem - With my purchase that’s all I received, didn’t even come with grommets - The tray cost extra too - And you’ll need to purchase a vase separate or have one that fits with this stem already -

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