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Super Pack (3 x Tonic 250g + 1 Box of Coals 40mm)

SKU: BTO-TON-250g-X3-Ignite40
Configure: Super Pack (3 x Tonic 250g + 1 Box of Coals 40mm)

3 Tonic 250 g + Box of ignite Charcoals (40 mm)

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Tonic 250g
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This product contains 3 x 250g tins of Tonic Hookah Tobacco and a box of Ignite Quick-light Hookah Charcoals (40mm) for extra savings!

Tonic shisha tobacco is a new "European Blend" tobacco made in Jordan that caters to the upscale hookah smoker. Tonic tobacco has a refreshing aroma and a cool "chill factor" that the most discriminating hookah smoker will be sure to enjoy. Choose from many unique and exotic flavors, including drink themed flavors (White Grape Wine, Strawberry Daiquiri, Sex on the Beach) and tasty dessert flavors (Raspberry Cheesecake, Orange Cream Delight, and Mixed Berry Chiboust, which is a custard cream meringue). Try Tonic Shisha Tobacco and smoke in style!

New Flavors produced in the U.S.A!

Amnesia - Strawberry and unique fruit mix - New!
Andromeda - Extremely sweet fruit mixture - New!
Euphoria - Four types of melon mix - New!
Europa -Sweet apricot and cocktail blend - New!
Freesia - Tropical flower scent - New!
Galaxy - Tangerine cocktail blend - New!
Papaya Mango - New!
Peach Tea - New!
Raspberry Plum - New!
Romulan - Special melon and kiwi mixture - New!

2012 - Pear and Alcohol Beverage Blend
Babylon - Blueberries and Sweet Mint Mixture 
Bada Bing - Mixed Berries and Special Mixture 
Beach Love – Apricot and Cocktail Blend 
Blue Virus –Apricot and Berries Mix 
California Sex – Berries and Cocktail Blend 
Da Vinci - Peach and Special Fruit Mixture 
During Sex – Mint and Cocktail Blend 
Fuzzy Thing – Unique Melon and Coconut Mix 
G6 – Tangerine Blend 
Green Dream – Earthly Special Aroma 
Green Virus – Lime and Lemonade Blend 
Hit Man - Mixed Fruit and Tropical Fruit Mixture 
Kama Sutra - Pomegranate and Special Mixture 
Minty Dreams - Mint and Special Fruit Mixture 
Raspberry Lime Drop – Raspberry, Lime and Cocktail Blend 
Real Apple – Apple Flavor (not Licorice) 
Red Virus – Kiwi and Special Blend 
Romance - Sweet Mint and Special Mixture 
Shady Lady –Special Fruit Blend
Sin - Alcohol Beverage Blend 
Smooth Sex – Apricot Special Blend 
Virgin Strawberry - Mixed Strawberries Flavors

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"great deal"
Richard brown on Saturday, February 16, 2008 11:59:02 PM

i actually bought this when it was a bit more expensive, but it is great product and very fast shipment, no complaints at all.

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