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Starbuzz Serpent Dark Leaf Tobacco 100g

Guess who's back with another collection of hookah flavors? STARBUZZ! This is the 4th line of flavors from the brand that brought you the world famous Blue Mist blend. Last year they released their Vintage tobacco series and utilized a blend of multiple dark tobacco leaves to create a whole new experience for the market. The focus for their Serpent line was to take that robust flavor up a notch with a new kettle cured burley tobacco infused with new flavoring recipes. Catering to the experienced hookah smokers, Starbuzz Serpent provides a stronger buzz than the rest of their classic flavors.

Starbuzz Serpent Dark Leaf Flavor Descriptions

Crimson Fox - The Crimson Fox roars with a natural peach and exhales a smooth berry.
After Burner - At the end of the day this blend wakes you up with a coconut and banana mixture plus mint.
Cobra Khan - Cobra commander leads with a strong blueberry assault and a secondary fire of grape mint.
Bohemian - Did you know you can improve this flavor by smoking it on a Bohemian base? Syke! Fresh gum.
Crow - Easily one of our favorite blends from the series is this delicious lemon mint flavor.
Gee Spot - We were able to find it, the flavor profile that is and it's semi spiced cinnamon with a creamy vanilla.
Kings Tea - This flavor won our hearts early on with the trial batches and we're excited to have more of this early grey that blends perfectly with the peach.
Mad Dog - We're glad they didn't go for the beer flavor profile, but this mix gives us the grapefruit we've been looking for intertwined with a dark citrus mint.
Lioness - When's the last time you had a strawberry milkshake? This blend might not be as sweet as the real deal, but the creamy notes come through with precision.
Megawatt - Crank up the voltage with this strong glass of lemonade.
Rogue - Gambit would approve of this fine honey dew flavor profile. (Add a little Megawatt for a nice blend)
New Amsterdam - Very close to the orange cream candies with darker flavor profile.
Shishi - Mixed between the banana and smooth blueberry is a floral note, can you figure it out?
Sin City - What happens in Sin City stays there, except for this banana. Who brought this banana back?
Skull - It's not double apple but it's the closes thing you'll get to it out this lineup, sweet and dark licorice.
Sting Mint - Oooo girl! This mint is powerful and sorta stings the nostrils but it smokes very well.
Teabet - Did you just wake up? Would you like a cup of english breakfast tea? Don't sleep on this one.
Kathmandu - What's harder trying to figure out how many berries are in this mix or saying this name while holding your tongue?

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