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Padouk Wookah Hookah (1 Hose)

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25" Tall Wookah Hookah with a Padouk wood finish, and 11 crystal glass options. Handmade in Poland. Includes an aluminum d-hose, and phunnel bowl.

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Wookah Padouk Hookah

A new grain of wood has graced our office with the help of the Wookah Hookah team and their Padouk finish. We had a hard time separating this shaft from our camera guy, because he instantly fell in love with the bold red tones. This natural hardwood shaft is similar to a natural rosewood coloring and features beautiful textures from top to bottom.

Wookah Padouk Hookah Details:
  • 25" Tall without a bowl
  • Natural Padouk hardwood
  • V2A stainless steel components
  • Wide guage removable downstem
  • Traditional bowl port
  • 9 Hand cut crystal base options
  • Includes 1 Aluminum D-hose (your choice of color)
  • Includes 1 Phunnel bowl (your choice of color)

Woo-hoo For Wookah

All of the joints, the places where things screw in, feature very finely cut stainless-steel threading that uses silicone washers to prevent any over-tightening. There is no need to tighten anything with ALL your strength; when screwing the stem into the base, for example, the Wookah logo on the stem should line up with the logo on the base when optimally tightened. The only way you'll over-tighten this bad boy is if you go completely berserk, Hulk rage on it. Seriously, don't even go there. This hookah is too nice.

Another nice feature of this hookah is that the hose port and the purge port are actually identical. The stainless-steel purge is removable and can be transferred to either port as often as your heart desires!

The downstem features a wide gauge that allows you to pull in huge amounts of smoke from the base, so prepare for thunderclouds! The end of the downstem does not feature a bell or flared out section you find in other hookahs, which means you can place a diffuser there if you'd like. Diffusers help increase the smoothness of each pull, and they also dampen the rumble noise.

A Choice of Base that is Crystal Clear

You have eleven - count 'em - eleve options to choose from for the base on your Wookah Walnut. Each base is made of heavy duty crystal glass that has been handmade through every stage - from the glass blowing to the cutting of the designs. The cuts are deep and precise, creating beautiful uniform patterns on each of the eight bases. The heavy duty crystal glass is, as the name suggests, a bit heavy; this is useful in holding your Wookah steady when taking massive pulls. The bottom of each base also features rubber stoppers that give the base an extra hold on whatever surface it rests.

Accessories for your Wookah Padouk

You really think we'd send you this awesome hookah without all the tools to get you smoking right away? Na! We've got you covered. Along with your Wookah hookah you'll receive a D-Hose Aluminum Hookah Hose; this beast is 76" long and is made of heavy-duty, surgical grade silicone tubing which means it is completely washable.

We will also be sending you the amazing Phunnel Hookah Bowl, because you've got to pack your shisha in something! This new and improved version of the popular Vortex 1 bowl features wide open air channels that allow for minimal restriction and an overall smooth smoking experience. Check out all the great stuff we'll be sending you in the list below.

Free with this Wookah Walnut Hookah:
- Phunnel Hookah Bowl
- Stainless Steel Coal Tray
- Cleaning Brush
- Aluminum Foil
- Hookah Charcoals
- One 50g container of premium select shisha tobacco
- Tongs

Note: You must be 18 years of age or older to purchase this product.

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