Tangiers Pico Phunnel Bowls

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Handmade ceramic Phunnel bowls from Tangiers for shisha saving sessions. Pico is the smallest size.

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Hookah-Shisha Bowl Buying Guide

Tangiers Pico Phunnel Hookah Bowl

These Tangiers bowls are so small, but that's fine, because it's by design for shisha saving sessions. The Pico bowls will each hold around 14g-18g if shisha depending on your pack method and bowl shape. The bowls are handmade in American and some bowls vary in size.

These bowls are not designed to function with heat management devices, like the Kaloud Lotus, because they're made by Tangiers and foil is the best way to smoke in their opinion. The Tangiers Phunnel is made of sturdy ceramic and features a raised spire in the center of the bowl that prevents shisha and juice from dripping down inside the bowl and into your down stem. 

These authentic Phunnel bowls from Tangiers come in a variety of different colors. Each Tangiers Phunnel bowl is handmade, and as such, their exact measurements will vary from bowl to bowl. Each phunnel bowl should be about 3.75" - 4" inches tall with a diameter of about 2.5 inches.

Find complete information about how much each Tangiers Phunnel bowl holds on our blog!

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